Women Go Crazy Over Handsome Inmates … He’s Prison Bae 2.0 … Allegedly Locked Up For Murder

Women Go Crazy Over Handsome Inmates … He’s Prison Bae 2.0 … Allegedly Locked Up For Murder

A new viral sensation, dubbed “prison bae,” has taken social media by storm. Photos of an incarcerated man named Josh, reportedly 33 years old, have captivated women worldwide. Described as a “homebody” who enjoys long walks and reading, Josh’s popularity is soaring on a prison dating site.

The viral sensation portrays an attractive inmate seeking letters and, if possible, financial support for his books. Online, he’s known as “Josh.”

Media Take Out conducted an investigation into Josh’s background, revealing that he is not incarcerated for minor offenses like parking tickets.

Based on information from the Nebraska Department of Corrections, the individual referred to as Josh, with the matching age and ID number in the post, is, in fact, Joshua Nolan.He is currently incarcerated for life for first-degree murder. Records indicate he has been incarcerated for the past 12 years, since just before his 21st birthday.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

Who Is The Handsome Prisoner In America?

Recall Jeremy Meeks, aka “Prison Bae”? The former Crip turned fashion model gained viral fame in 2014 with his attractive mugshot.

What Happened To The Hot Prisoner?

After serving 13 months, Jeremy Meeks was released in 2016, having spent a total of 10 and a half years in the federal prison system during his life.

What Country Is Number One For Incarceration? 

As of December 2022, El Salvador had the highest worldwide incarceration rate at 605 prisoners per 100,000 residents, followed by Rwanda with 580 prisoners per 100,000 inhabitants.

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The “prison bae” phenomenon has captured widespread attention on social media, with photos of incarcerated man Josh intriguing women globally. Described as a “homebody” who loves reading and long walks, his popularity has surged on a prison dating site.

However, Mediatakeout investigation uncovered a startling revelation. The real identity of the viral sensation, Josh, is Joshua Nolan, and he is not behind bars for minor infractions. According to the Nebraska Department of Corrections, Joshua is serving a life sentence for first-degree murder.

He has been imprisoned for the past 12 years, starting just before his 21st birthday. The internet’s fascination with him has taken a significant turn upon learning about his serious crime and lengthy incarceration.

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