West Coast Rapper Suga Free BREAKS UP w/ Wife On IG … Says VERY Cruel Stuff About Her & Her Son!!

A few months after announcing his marriage, West Coast rapper and former pimp Suga Free shocks the world by revealing his cruel and inhumane divorce decision 

Suga Free’s Turbulent Marriage Revelations

In October, West Coast rap veteran Suga Free, known for his 1997 hit “If U Stay Ready,” delighted fans by sharing that he had officially found love and tied the knot.

The protege of DJ Quick, who once released a song titled “Married to my Cadillac” in 2008, joyfully announced his marriage through an Instagram post, accompanied by several photos with his new wife.

Unfortunately, the wedding bliss didn’t endure. Last night, Suga Free took to Instagram to criticize his wife openly. He revealed that their intimacy had ceased due to her alleged botched BBL surgery, which he claimed resulted in her body being deformed.

Shockingly, the former pimp even shared an image purportedly showing her bare behind after the problematic surgery.

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Suga Free’s Controversial Divorce Revelations

Suga Free's Controversial Divorce Revelations
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In a further revelation, the rapper escalated the situation by alleging that his wife was subjected to physical abuse by her baby’s father while she was pregnant. According to Suga Free, this abuse had detrimental consequences, as her son now faces developmental challenges.

The rapper even referred to himself as “evil” and provocatively challenged his ex-wife to speak negatively about him.

Suga Free’s wife promptly responded, displaying remarkable composure amid these trying circumstances. She strongly refuted the pictures, asserting that they were not of her, and fiercely criticized her ex-partner for making such outrageous remarks about her son.

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In a shocking turn of events, West Coast rapper Suga Free’s marriage has taken a dark and troubling turn. After announcing his marriage just a few months ago, he has now openly criticized and accused his wife of serious issues, including a botched surgery and claims of physical abuse by her ex-partner during pregnancy.

The situation has escalated significantly, with Suga Free even referring to himself as “evil” and challenging his ex-wife to speak negatively about him. Despite the accusations, his wife has responded with dignity, denying the allegations and defending her son from any harm caused by these claims.

The situation serves as a cautionary reminder of the complexities of personal relationships and the potential consequences of airing private matters on social media.

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