Virginia Mom PRAYS On Facebook For Son Accused Of RPe … Then SON RPES HIS MOM! (FB Posts)

Virginia Mom PRAYS On Facebook For Son Accused Of RPe … Then SON RPES HIS MOM! (FB Posts)

In a distressing incident, a woman from Virginia experienced a brutal attack and sexual assault allegedly perpetrated by her own son, Melvin O’Neal. The incident occurred on January 7th, 2023, when Melvin visited her home at 8:30 am. Trina Daniels, the victim, shared the harrowing ordeal on Facebook over the weekend.

Mother Betrayed: Son’s Violent Assault

Trina recounted that they had initially spent time together, laughing and talking, but things took a dark turn when they got into an argument.

To her horror, Melvin lured her into the bathroom where he proceeded to violently beat her with his fists, threatening her life. The assault was severe, and Trina was left in a vulnerable and traumatized state as her own son inflicted significant harm upon her.

It’s crucial to note that this tragic event occurred just days after Trina had asked for prayers for her son Melvin, who was already facing accusations of multiple rapes in the past.

The incident has shocked the community and highlights the complexities of dealing with such heinous acts committed by someone so close to the victim.

Authorities have been alerted about the incident, and the investigation is likely ongoing to bring justice to Trina and ensure appropriate actions are taken against Melvin for his alleged actions.

In her emotional statement, the mother expressed her deep sense of betrayal, stating, “I placed my trust in my son, believing that he would never harm me or anyone else.

My family has been a tremendous source of support during this difficult time, visiting me in the hospital daily, and their presence has been invaluable in easing the emotional anguish I’m going through.

As for Melvin, he is now facing serious charges, including rape, robbery, and kidnapping. If found guilty, he could potentially receive a life sentence in prison for these grave offenses.

The severity of the charges underscores the gravity of the alleged crimes and the potential consequences that await him in the legal system.

There were potential indicators that the tragic incident involving Trina could have been foreseen. Media Take Out conducted an investigation, revealing Melvin’s history of frequent incarcerations throughout his life.

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Moreover, just a year before the alleged assault on his mother, Melvin faced accusations of raping another woman, resulting in his arrest.

In response to the charges brought against her son last year, Trina, Melvin’s mother, turned to Facebook, seeking prayers from her followers. She expressed her belief that “the enemy was trying to destroy him,” referring to the challenges he was facing at the time.

This plea for support sheds light on the complexities of the situation and the difficult circumstances surrounding Melvin’s life prior to the disturbing incident with his mother.

Melvin was released on bail for the 2021 alleged sexual assault when he purportedly assaulted his own mother. In connection with the 2021 case, he had been charged with kidnapping and sexual assault.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the penalty for 18.2 61 in Virginia?

In Virginia, rape is a serious felony, punishable by a maximum life imprisonment, with a minimum of five years. It involves non-consensual sexual intercourse using force, threat, or intimidation.

What is the statute 18.2 266 in Virginia?

Operating a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol concentration of 0.08% or higher is illegal, as indicated by a chemical test.

 What is a misdemeanor 18.2 57 in Virginia?

A Class 1 misdemeanor is committing a simple assault or an assault and battery. If the assault is based on specific reasons, additional penalties may apply.


In a distressing incident, Trina Daniels, a woman from Virginia, suffered a brutal attack and sexual assault allegedly at the hands of her own son, Melvin O’Neal. The shocking event occurred on January 7th, 2023, leaving Trina traumatized and vulnerable.

The incident garnered significant attention, especially as it unfolded just days after Trina had asked for prayers for Melvin, who was already facing accusations of multiple rapes.

The severity of Melvin’s charges, including rape, robbery, and kidnapping, underscore the gravity of his alleged crimes. Media reports revealed Melvin’s troubled past, with previous incarcerations and accusations of rape.

Trina’s emotional statement highlighted the betrayal she felt, as the legal system now awaits the outcome of the investigation and potential consequences for Melvin.

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