Throw Some D’s Rapper Rich Boy: 39 & Living w/ Parents . . . ‘Assaulted’ Them In Their Home

Throw Some D’s Rapper Rich Boy: 39 & Living w/ Parents . . . ‘Assaulted’ Them In Their Home! (Video)

According to verified reports from Media Take Out, Rich Boy, the esteemed rapper from Alabama recognized for his popular 2006 track “Throw Some D’s” featuring Polow Da Don, was apprehended and formally processed at Mobile Jail on the previous Friday.

Charges on Rich Boy,of third-degree domestic violence

Throw Some D’s Rapper Rich Boy: 39 & Living w/ Parents . . . ‘Assaulted’ Them In Their Home
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Police authorities have stated that Rich Boy, the celebrated rapper, has been arrested on a pair of charges related to third-degree domestic violence.

The charges specify harassment and assault, and it is reported that the incident leading to his arrest involved his parents. This information was relayed by ABC15 News.

Reports circulating on social media indicate that Rich Boy, aged 39, has faced a period of adversity following a decline in his rap career, leading him to return to live with his parents.

Media Take Out has discovered that an online video is being shared, depicting the former XXL Freshman shirtless and seemingly engaged in some form of altercation. However, it remains uncertain whether this video is related to the rapper’s recent arrest.

Rich Boy’s rap career

Throw Some D’s Rapper Rich Boy: 39 & Living with/ Parents . . . ‘Assaulted’ Them In Their Home
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In 2006, Rich Boy’s rap career skyrocketed when he inked a significant deal with Polow Da Don’s Zone 4 record label.

The subsequent year witnessed the release of his highly anticipated self-titled debut album, featuring the chart-topping hit single “Throw Some D’s.” This track achieved a remarkable milestone, reaching the impressive No.

6 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in March 2007. Furthermore, Rich Boy’s exceptional talent earned him the prestigious Rookie of the Year title at the BET Hip Hop Awards that same year, solidifying his rising prominence in the industry.

Additionally, he proudly joined the inaugural XXL Freshman Class, further validating his position among the industry’s promising talents.

Frequently Asked Question

1. Who are Rich Boy parents?

Rich Boy, also known as Maree Benjamin Richards, is a rapper renowned for his 2006 hit single “Throw Some D’s,” born on September 2, 1983 to Elizabeth Richards and an undisclosed father in Mobile, Alabama.

2. What happened to rapper Rich Boy?

As reported by, Rich Boy was arrested on Friday, October 7, 2022, by Mobile, Alabama, police on various domestic violence charges, including harassment and assault, following an altercation involving his parents.

3. Who is the rapper named Rich Boy?

Born on September 2, 1983, Marece Benjamin Richards, professionally known as Rich Boy, is an American rapper hailing from Mobile, Alabama.


Rich Boy, the celebrated rapper known for his hit song “Throw Some D’s,” has recently faced legal troubles as he was arrested and processed for charges related to third-degree domestic violence. Police authorities have specified the charges as harassment and assault, stemming from an incident involving his parents.

Concurrently, social media reports suggest that Rich Boy has encountered hardships in his rap career, leading to his return to living with his parents.

While an online video depicting an altercation has surfaced, its connection to his recent arrest remains uncertain.

Nevertheless, Rich Boy’s earlier success in 2006, including signing with Zone 4 and achieving chart success, solidified his position as a rising star in the industry.

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