The No Jumper Podcast CHAOS: Adam Fires Lush LIVE on Air … Co-Host AD Unhappy Over ‘Racist’ Show!

The No Jumper Podcast CHAOS: Adam Fires Lush LIVE on Air … Co-Host AD Unhappy Over ‘Racist’ Show!

Controversy Surrounds Renowned Hip Hop Podcast as Host Gets Fired Live on Air

One of the highly acclaimed hip hop podcasts in the global landscape finds itself at the center of controversy.

Media Take Out recently discovered that during a recording of the No Jumper podcast, Adam22, the show’s founder, made the unexpected decision to dismiss one of his hosts, Lush, while the show was still being broadcasted.

“Racial Scandal Erupts in Hip Hop Podcast”

The hip hop podcast, owned by Adam, finds itself embroiled in a brewing racial scandal due to recent events. Adam, who is of White descent, has become a central figure in this controversy.

The unfolding events began last week when Adam22, the host of the podcast, extended an invitation to Richard Spencer, a controversial right-wing political figure who has faced allegations of racism and white supremacy.

AD, Adam’s primary co-host and an African American, expressed his discomfort with featuring someone with suspected racist views on a hip hop platform. Media Take Out has obtained information regarding this incident.

AD claims that Adam responded unfavorably to being challenged and subsequently demoted the African American podcaster. As a result, AD was asked to depart from the Tuesday show, which is widely recognized as one of the most popular podcasts of the week.

“Controversial Firings Rock Hip Hop Podcast Industry”

The No Jumper Podcast CHAOS: Adam Fires Lush LIVE on Air … Co-Host AD Unhappy Over ‘Racist’ Show!
Source: mediatakeout

Subsequently, the racial tensions escalated even further on the set when Adam, in a highly publicized manner, openly terminated his esteemed Latino podcast host during a live broadcast. Following the demotion of AD, Adam attempted to replace the African American podcaster for the Tuesday show by introducing a new personality, Lush, a notable figure within the Latino community.

In a surprising turn of events, Adam made another live on-air decision by dismissing Lush from the show. Adam cited the reason for the firing as Lush allegedly leaking a private conversation between the two onto the No Jumper Discord platform.

However, it is important to note that Lush vehemently denies these accusations, as confirmed by Media Take Out. The situation surrounding the firing remains contentious and subject to ongoing scrutiny.

As of this morning, the No Jumper podcast finds itself in a state of turmoil, with the future of the series hanging in the balance.

Speculation has arisen, with some indicating that this recent chain of events could potentially mark the end of the podcast series altogether. The situation remains uncertain, leaving fans and followers of the podcast in a state of anticipation and uncertainty.

Frequently Asked Question

1. Why was Lush fired from No Jumper?

“In March, Grandmaison terminated Lush on-air for leaking confidential opinions about AD’s interview style on No Jumper’s Discord channel.”

2. Who is Adam on the No Jumper podcast?

Adam Grandmaison, widely recognized as Adam22, is an American YouTuber and podcaster hailing from Nashua, New Hampshire. He gained prominence as the creator and host of the popular pop culture podcast, No Jumper.

3. Why did Adam leave No Jumper?

Subsequently, the former fired him on-air, alleging that he leaked their private conversation on No Jumper Discord. AD announced his departure from No Jumper, citing racism and implying Adam’s dissatisfaction with his podcast, Cuhmunity, gaining popularity.


In a recent episode of the No Jumper podcast, renowned hip hop podcast host Adam22 fired his co-hosts AD and Lush live on air, sparking controversy and racial tensions.

The controversy began when Adam invited Richard Spencer, a controversial right-wing figure, to appear on the show.

AD, an African American co-host, expressed his discomfort with featuring someone with alleged racist views on a hip hop platform. Adam responded unfavorably and demoted AD, eventually replacing him with Lush.

However, Adam later fired Lush, accusing him of leaking a private conversation. The future of the podcast is now uncertain, leaving fans in anticipation and uncertainty.

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