MESSIEST Breakup In Youtube Influencer History

The MESSIEST Breakup In Youtube Influencer History … Mrs LaTruth Files For Divorce On YOUTUBE!!

Popular Instagram couple LaTruth (American rapper, real name Robert Hampton) and his wife MrsLaTruth (Real name Brianna Hampton) are going through the messiest split in Youtube influencer history, according to Media Take Out.

The duo is one of social media’s most prominent “aspirational” couples. Mrs. LaTruth, who was born in the United Kingdom and later moved to the United States with her family as a youngster, lives an extravagant lifestyle and enjoys attending social gatherings.

She went to an Ivy League school before marrying her spouse LaTruth.

Mrs. LaTruth vented about her spouse and then posted her divorce papers on YouTube. She embarked on an almost 45-minute rant, accusing her spouse of abuse, having a little weeny baby, and being broke.
Mrs. LaTruth further stated that she intends to serve him with the divorce papers via YouTube.

We’re not sure how it’s done… But we’re here for the chaos.

As an independent musician, Robert Hampton aka LaTruth has created 11 albums and launched 5 music projects, selling over 300,000 units. He has broadened his entertainment by taking a five-year hiatus from music to focus his energies on acting.

Throughout this journey, he has grown his social media fan following from 200k to over 10 million followers across all social media platforms.

LaTruth’s most recent music project / song, “Don’t Disrespect,” featuring the legend Snoop Dogg and Kz, is performing exceptionally well in terms of downloads and streams and has been highlighted in various music websites across the country.

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