Taye Diggs Allegedly BROKE UP w/ Love & Hip Hop Star Apryl Jones … Just One Month After ‘MARRIAGE’!!

Taye Diggs Allegedly BROKE UP w/ Love & Hip Hop Star Apryl Jones … Just One Month After ‘MARRIAGE’!! 

Taye Diggs and Apryl Jones, known as one of the most popular couples of 2022, surprised fans by getting married in a private ceremony in November. However, recent reports suggest that the couple has now gone their separate ways.

Wedding of Taye Diggs and Apryl Jones

In early December, we covered the news of Taye and Apryl’s covert wedding, which took place in an intimate and private ceremony.

The couple appeared ecstatically happy during that time, frequently sharing videos of their togetherness on Instagram, and Apryl proudly displaying her wedding ring.

Less than a month after our initial report, an intriguing development occurred. Media Take Out verified that Apryl and Taye ceased sharing videos featuring both of them together.

Their most recent video together was captured on Christmas, as they were spotted picking up takeout.

However, a peculiar twist emerged when Media Take Out discovered that neither Apryl nor Taye is currently following each other on Instagram. This adds another layer of intrigue to the situation.

Speculation on social media between Taye and Apryl

Taye Diggs Allegedly BROKE UP w/ Love & Hip Hop Star Apryl Jones … Just One Month After ‘MARRIAGE’!!
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Speculation is spreading on social media regarding a potential breakup between Taye and Apryl, with fans flooding Taye’s Instagram comments section with conjectures about their alleged split.

It is crucial to avoid drawing conclusions prematurely as there may be a valid reason for a popular Instagram couple to unfollow each other. The passage of time will ultimately unveil the truth and provide clarity on the situation.

Frequently Asked Question,

1. Is Taye Diggs still with his wife?

Since 2022, when Taye Diggs and Apryl Jones made their relationship known to the world, they have been dating.  have swiftly gained popularity as a beloved and admired couple.

2. Why did Taye Diggs leave?

Diggs’s departure seemed to stem from a sense of completion, as he expressed, “I had done all that I could, this chapter was essentially ended, and I was open to trying something new.

It appears that one of the reasons for his exit was his readiness to embrace new opportunities and undertake different roles.

3. Is Taye Diggs still with Apryl?

Jones emphasized that despite their Instagram activity, she and Diggs, as two mature adults, still deeply care for each other, while their heartfelt romance started to flourish after connecting on TikTok in December 2021.


Taye Diggs and Apryl Jones, once celebrated as a popular couple in 2022, surprised their fans with a private wedding in November.

However, recent developments indicate that the couple may have decided to end their relationship. After sharing joyful moments on social media, they suddenly stopped posting videos together. Despite being seen together during Christmas, it was discovered that they no longer follow each other on Instagram, fueling speculation about a possible breakup.

It is important not to rush to conclusions and await further information. Only time will reveal the true nature of their situation, and it is prudent to exercise patience and avoid making premature judgments.

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