Soulja Boy's Teeth ROTS After Years Of Neglect … Get New Veneers!

Soulja Boy’s Teeth ROTS After Years Of Neglect … Get New Veneers!

Media Take Out has confirmed that Atlanta rapper Soulja Boy has finally taken steps to address his dental issues, which had been neglected for years. The 29-year-old rapper’s teeth had suffered from decay, but he has now undergone dental treatment to rectify the situation.

A recent viral photo of Soulja Boy’s teeth has sparked significant discussion and attention on social media platforms. The rapper’s dental appearance has become a popular subject of conversation among users online.

Dental surgery of Soulja:

In recent news, a well-known orthodontist based in Beverly Hills garnered attention on social media after posting about rap artist Soulja Boy’s dental surgery.

Reports indicate that the 32-year-old rapper underwent a procedure to address his dental concerns, and his dentist shared the results on their official social media account. This led users to engage in discussions online, dissecting the initially unflattering photo that was shared.

Soulja boy is a multi-talented artist.  rapper, and producer:

Before undergoing his dental procedure, Soulja Boy was captured in a photo with two dentists at Encino Dental Smile in October 2021, presumably after a consultation. The dental practice shared the picture on their social media, captioning it with praise for the multi-talented artist.

Soulja boy is a multi-talented artist.  rapper, and producer
source: independent

Referring to him as a rapper, producer, and entrepreneur, the company acknowledged Soulja Boy as someone who has achieved numerous groundbreaking accomplishments.

The process of addressing the rapper’s dental issues reportedly spanned nearly a year to fully rectify his oral health condition. Over this extended period, efforts were made to address and restore the condition of Soulja Boy’s deteriorated teeth.

Twitter users have been mercilessly mocking Soulja Boy for his dental condition, expressing surprise and ridicule over the extent of his tooth decay at a young age.

Generally, such severe tooth deterioration is commonly associated with elderly individuals or those struggling with substance abuse. The online community has not held back in roasting the rapper for his unfortunate dental situation.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What happened to Soulja Boy’s teeth?

Austin suggested that the intense darkness of the teeth could be attributed to cavities, tooth death or decay caused by nerve damage, or the use of antibiotics like tetracycline known for staining.

2. What rapper has expensive teeth?

In a display of extravagant wealth, American rapper Post Malone showcased a diamond fang implant worth $1.6 million. Despite already having various tattoos on his face, the addition of these costly dental implants marked a new venture for the “Congratulations” rapper.

3. How much is Soulja Boy’s house worth?

The rapper detailed his recent $6 million acquisition, which includes three bedrooms, three-and-a-half bathrooms, a contemporary gourmet kitchen, a dining area, and a well-designed layout providing generous indoor and outdoor spaces.


Atlanta rapper Soulja Boy’s dental issues, which had been neglected for years, have finally been addressed through dental treatment. A viral photo of his teeth gained significant attention on social media, sparking discussions among users.

The procedure performed by a prominent orthodontist in Beverly Hills was shared on social media, leading to further online conversations and scrutiny of the initially unflattering photo.

Prior to the treatment, Soulja Boy was seen in a photo with dentists, and the dental practice praised his accomplishments as a rapper, producer, and entrepreneur. The process to rectify his dental condition took nearly a year.

Twitter users mocked Soulja Boy for the extent of his tooth decay at a young age, typically associated with older individuals or substance abuse. The online community did not hold back in ridiculing his dental situation.

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