Social Media Star Wack100 Just Got Beat Up And Knocked Out In Los Angeles . . . Again!! (Video)

Social Media Star Wack100 Just Got Beat Up And Knocked Out In Los Angeles . . . Again!! (Video)

Last night in Los Angeles, rap industry executive Wack 100 faced a physical altercation and was chased off the stage, as reported by Media Take Out.

Confrontation At Concert: Wack 100’s Controversial Claims

As per online reports, individuals affiliated with the Rolling 60s (Nipsey Hussle’s gang) confronted Wack 100 during a concert managed by him for rapper The Game.

Wack 100 has been making contentious remarks about notable figures in the hip-hop community in recent months, including a controversial statement about the late rapper Nipsey Hussle. This incident occurred while he was on stage.

Wack 100 asserts that he witnessed a “gay tape” involving Nipsey and one of his associates. However, Nipsey’s loved ones and close friends vehemently deny the existence of such a tape, considering Wack’s claims as an attempt to tarnish Nipsey’s reputation for personal gain and attention.

Yesterday, some of Nipsey’s associates took matters into their own hands to teach Wack a lesson about respect. They confronted him in front of a crowd of fans.

The Game’s concert in Los Angeles was electric, with a surprise appearance by Kanye West, who performed a few songs with him.

However, before the event concluded, Wack faced repercussions from gang members. Reports suggest he was knocked unconscious. Several individuals have come forward to describe the incident and what transpired.

Wack is now offering his response to those men, stating that there was no physical altercation. He claims it was merely a “stand off” with Nipsey’s gang associates. Listen to his side of the story.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Did Tyson Fight Wack100?

The caption featured Tyson’s famous quote: “Everybody has a plan ’til they get punched in the mouth. Ain’t that right Wack 100.” It was later revealed that the entire incident was staged, and there was no real dispute on the podcast.

Who Did Mike Tyson Knock Out On The Street?

In 1988, Mike Tyson engaged in the most notorious street fight of his life, a brutal encounter that left him with a broken hand and fearing he had killed his bitter rival, Mitch ‘Blood’ Green.

Who Did Tyson Knockout In 8 Seconds?

Watch Mike Tyson’s impressive 8-second KO at the Junior Olympics. ‘Iron Mike’ dominated from the start, leaving his opponent stunned.

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In summary, rap industry executive Wack 100 experienced a tumultuous night during a concert in Los Angeles, as he faced a physical altercation and was chased off the stage.

Online reports indicate that individuals linked to the Rolling 60s, Nipsey Hussle’s gang, confronted Wack 100 at the event, possibly due to his controversial statements about prominent figures in the hip-hop community, including Nipsey Hussle.

Wack claimed to have seen a “gay tape” involving Nipsey, but his claims were vehemently denied by Nipsey’s loved ones and friends. The situation escalated when some of Nipsey’s associates took action, leading to reports of Wack being knocked unconscious.

Now, Wack 100 denies the physical confrontation, describing it as a “stand off” with Nipsey’s gang associates.

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