Second ABC News Producer Dead Within a Week – Erica Gonzalez, 28 died overnight following the death of producer Dax Tejera, 37

Second ABC News Producer Dead Within a Week – Erica Gonzalez, 28 died overnight following the death of producer Dax Tejera, 37

Tragically, another ABC news producer has passed away due to unexpected respiratory failure, sparking various conspiracy theories circulating on social media.

Media Take Out verified the unfortunate demise of Erica Gonzalez, a 28-year-old morning show producer who was in good health prior to her untimely passing on Friday.

Honoring Erica’s Legacy, Mourning Dax

Erica, a devoted mother, took great pride in her son Brandon’s achievements as an honor roll student in high school. Among her cherished moments was witnessing his graduation in April.

Bonding over their shared love for Padres Baseball, Erica and Brandon often cheered for the team at Petco Park alongside other loyal fans. Erica had a particular fondness for Tony Gwynn, known as “Mister Padre,” and held a deep admiration for San Diego Chargers legend Junior Seau.

Remembering Dax Tejera: ABC Mourns

Remembering Dax Tejera: ABC Mourns
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The ABC News community mourns the loss of Dax Tejera, a senior producer who passed away on December 24.

Division president Kim Godwin acknowledged Tejera’s remarkable dedication and enthusiasm for his work, emphasizing his significant contributions.

Joining ABC News in 2017, Tejera went on to lead “This Week” in early 2020 and previously served as the executive producer of “America With Jorge Ramos.”We will sincerely miss having him here.

Amidst the current social media buzz, various conspiracy theories have emerged connecting the deaths of the two producers.

Media Take Out has encountered these outlandish theories, which range from the bizarre to the absurd, captivating the attention of online communities.

As of now, there is absolutely no evidence suggesting any connection between the deaths of the two producers.

It is important to note that a previous version of this article erroneously included a picture of an unrelated person instead of ABC producer Erica Gonzalez.

The picture depicted a woman who is alive and well.We regret any misunderstanding this has caused

Frequently Asked Question

1. What happened to Erica Gonzalez?

In Loving Memory of Erica Gonzalez: A Dedicated Morning Show Producer, Devoted Family Member, Patriot, and Friar Enthusiast.

2. When did Erika Gonzalez have her baby?

A Love Story Unfolds: Erica and Jason’s Journey from Meeting to Marriage, Culminating in the Joyous Arrival of Daughter Isabela Ivana.

3. Where is Erica Gonzalez NBC4?

NBC4 and Washington, D.C. have been Erica Gonzalez’s cherished home since 2011. A Communication graduate from the University of Texas-Pan American (UT Rio Grande Valley), she is an Emmy-Award winning journalist residing in Washington, D.C. with her husband and daughter.


The untimely passing of ABC news producer Erica Gonzalez due to respiratory failure has left a void in the hearts of many.

Her dedication as a mother to her son Brandon, their shared love for Padres Baseball, and her admiration for sports icons Tony Gwynn and Junior Seau showcased the depth of her character. The ABC News community also mourns the loss of senior producer Dax Tejera, recognizing his valuable contributions and passion for his work.

Despite circulating conspiracy theories on social media, there is currently no evidence linking the deaths of these two producers.

It is crucial to clarify that an earlier version of the article mistakenly featured a photo of an unrelated individual, for which Media Take Out expresses regret.

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