Real Housewives Of Atlanta Drew DIVORCE: Ralph Uncomfortable w/ Drew’s ‘FRIENDSHIP’ w/ Gay Woman!!

Real Housewives Of Atlanta Drew DIVORCE: Ralph Uncomfortable w/ Drew’s ‘FRIENDSHIP’ w/ Gay Woman!!

“We have received some highly intriguing information about the extremely tumultuous divorce proceedings involving Drew Sidora, a prominent cast member of Real Housewives of Atlanta, and her husband Ralph Pittman.”

Yesterday, as we previously informed, Drew and Ralph independently submitted divorce petitions. According to the divorce documents filed by Drew, she alleges that Ralph engaged in frequent infidelity throughout their marriage.

Additionally, she asserts that there was a recent incident of alleged physical altercation involving Ralph, which ultimately led to her decision to initiate the divorce proceedings. However, what is Ralph’s perspective on the matter? Why did he choose to file for divorce?

Media Take Out had a conversation with a source familiar with the couple, who shared the belief that Ralph’s decision might have been influenced by jealousy regarding Drew’s close bond with Ty Young, a female basketball star known for her appearance on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.

“Love & Hip Hop Ex’s Friendship Fuels Divorce Drama”.

Real Housewives Of Atlanta Drew DIVORCE: Ralph Uncomfortable w/ Drew’s ‘FRIENDSHIP’ w/ Gay Woman!!
Source: insider

Ty gained significant recognition as the former fiancé of Mimi Faust, another notable figure from Love & Hip Hop.

As per the insider, Drew and Ty have formed a strong bond in recent months. The source claims to have witnessed an interaction between Ty and Drew, and also observed Ralph’s response to the presence of these two ladies.

The insider informed Media Take Out, stating, “Drew was giving a lot of attention to Ty, essentially disregarding her husband, Ralph. You could clearly see the discontent on Ralph’s face.”

The insider further commented, “If Drew had been forming a close connection with just any attractive woman, perhaps Ralph could have come to terms with it.”

“That’s a complete individual that Drew was close to,” the insider continued.

While Media Take Out did not come across any evidence suggesting that Drew’s relationship with Ty is anything beyond a platonic friendship, other sources indicate that Ralph holds a different perspective on the matter.

We have indeed confirmed, through numerous independent sources, that the two women have been frequently observed appearing quite amicable and close at various events throughout the city.

Frequently Asked Question

1. Is Ralph cheating on Drew?

In the recent court documents, Pittman refuted allegations of infidelity and denied ever physically assaulting the Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Sidora.

2. What does Drew’s husband Ralph do?

Ralph Pittman, CEO of My Mind Music, holds a degree in Business Economics and Music Theory from Rutgers University. He has composed and produced music for My Mind Music, TV, and film.

3. What did Ralph Pittman do?

Pittman devised a method utilizing music to facilitate children in achieving REM sleep, leading to the creation of My Mind Music for Kids.


The divorce proceedings between Real Housewives of Atlanta star Drew Sidora and her husband Ralph Pittman have taken a tumultuous turn.

Drew accuses Ralph of repeated infidelity and alleges a recent physical altercation as the reason for filing for divorce.

Media sources suggest that Ralph’s decision to divorce may be influenced by jealousy regarding Drew’s close friendship with Ty Young, a former Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star and the ex-fiancé of Mimi Faust.

While Drew and Ty’s bond seems platonic, Ralph reportedly expressed discontent with their closeness. Multiple independent sources have witnessed Drew and Ty appearing friendly at various city events.

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