Rapper Kevin Gates Claims That He And His Wife DREKA Are BLOOD COUSINS

Rapper Kevin Gates Claims That He And His Wife DREKA Are BLOOD COUSINS!! (They Have 2 Kids)

There are some problems in the marriage of rapper Kevin Gates and his wife Dreka. However, according to Kevin’s latest Instagram post, these issues might actually be beneficial.

Media Take Out reported that Kevin recently revealed on social media that Rapper Kevin Gates Claims That He And His Wife DREKA Are BLOOD COUSINS, who are currently estranged, are actually “cousins.”

The controversy began when Kevin’s current love interest, Instagram user @1never_change, posted a picture of Kevin and Dreka standing next to each other. She commented, “[Kevin Gates] looks like Dreka.”

This post caused quite a stir on social media.


While some people believed that Kevin was simply making a joke, the majority of people suspected that Kevin and Dreka, both hailing from Mississippi, might actually be related.

Here are some of the comments:


When Dreka and Kevin started dating, he was a part-time rapper in Louisiana, while Dreka worked hard to support him and help him succeed in his rap career.

She read books about the music industry and sought advice from others. She also observed what other booking managers did and tried to apply similar strategies for Kevin’s benefit.


Nevertheless, it was a challenging journey for Dreka. She opened up to The Source and said, “People in the industry shut you out… But I learned everything I could about the industry on my own because nobody is going to offer to show you the ropes.”

Despite the obstacles, Dreka’s efforts paid off as Kevin eventually became a successful rapper and the two got married in October 2015 after being in a long-term relationship. They now have two children together named Islah and Khaza.


In a 2013 interview with Complex, Gates had also hinted at having children with other women, stating that he was very close with them and spent quality time with them.

He did not disclose the exact number of children he had, however, he made it clear that he did not intend to make his children’s identities public.

Now, Gates and his wife are separating, and according to him, they are actually cousins.

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