Rapper Blueface Announces He’s Now DONE W/ Chrisean Rock … Is Now Dating Female Rapper COI LERAY!!!

Rapper Blueface Announces He’s Now DONE W/ Chrisean Rock … Is Now Dating Female Rapper COI LERAY!!!

Hip hop sensation Blueface has been dominating the headlines recently, but not for the best reasons. His toxic relationship with reality star Chrisean Rock has been extensively covered by the media.

However, in a recent statement, Blueface himself confirmed that he has put an end to his association with Chrisean and has moved on to a new romantic partner. The news of his fresh love interest has sparked significant interest and discussion among fans and the public alike.

New relation between Blueface and Coi Leray:

According to various hip hop blogs, the woman who has captured the attention of Blueface is none other than female rapper Coi Leray.

New Relation Between Blueface And Coi Leray
source: theshaderoom

Recent social media posts by both rappers showcased a series of Instagram videos where they were seen affectionately embracing and sharing kisses at a club. These public displays of affection have added fuel to the speculation surrounding their relationship.

Violent relationship between Blueface and Chrisean Rock:

Blueface and Chrisean Rock have been embroiled in a highly publicized and frequently violent relationship that has unfolded not only in the public eye but also on social media platforms.

Their tumultuous dynamic has been captured on reality TV, showcasing the rollercoaster of their romance since before their official confirmation as a couple.

Unfortunately, their relationship has been marred by public arguments, legal issues leading to arrests, and instances of property damage.

violent relationship between Blueface and Chrisean Rock
source: dilemaradio

The couple once again captured headlines recently when Blueface launched into a fresh Twitter rant, this time taunting his girlfriend. In the rant, he referred to his child’s mother as an exemplary woman, adding another layer of complexity to their already complicated relationship.

Taking to Twitter on Tuesday (January 18), the renowned rapper behind “Thotiana” expressed his frustrations regarding Chrisean and their well-known relationship, which has been subject to public scrutiny ever since they officially became a couple in 2020.

Chrisean chose not to engage in any fights with her own family:

In his Twitter rant, Blueface shared some thought-provoking insights. He highlighted how Chrisean chose not to engage in any fights or confrontations with her own family on his behalf.

He mentioned her explanation, stating, “I don’t agree with fighting my family,” but pointed out that she readily volunteered him to fight his own family in uncomfortable situations.

Chrisean Chose Not To Engage In Any Fights With Her Own Family
source: allhiphop

Blueface emphasized the importance of standing on one’s principles or being accountable for one’s actions, emphasizing his perspective on the matter.

Continuing his thoughts, Blueface clarified that his intention wasn’t to create any animosity or beef. He emphasized the importance of not volunteering someone for a task that one wouldn’t be willing to undertake themselves.

His focus was on accountability and the truth, asserting that it can never be disrespectful.

Chrisean,of no intention engaging in a Twitter feud:

Chrisean, however, responded with a deleted tweet, stating that there is no intention of engaging in a Twitter feud and inviting Blueface to address the issue in person instead.

She expressed her reluctance to be used as bait and condemned Blueface’s alignment with people who harbor animosity towards her.

Additionally, she requested that he refer to her as Chrisean rather than using the nickname “Rock,” and urged him to direct his tweets towards himself as Blueface, focusing on his own actions and choices.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Who is Chriseans baby daddy?

Chrisean Rock has recently disclosed her intention to name her child with Blueface after her baby’s father, whose birth name is Johnathan Jamall Porter. This revelation adds another layer of personal significance to the naming process, connecting the child directly to their father’s identity.

2. When did Chrisean Rock announce pregnancy?

Back in late January, amidst news of their breakup, Chrisean Rock made the initial announcement of her pregnancy. However, Blueface initially refuted his involvement as the father of the child, denying any connection to the pregnancy.

3. What happened to Chrisean Rock?

An altercation between the two women was instigated by Alexis, leading to a physical confrontation. During the altercation, Chrisean, who was wearing socks, slipped and accidentally collided with a small statue, resulting in an impact to her face and the loss of a tooth.


In recent news, hip hop sensation Blueface has garnered significant attention due to his highly publicized and tumultuous relationship with reality star Chrisean Rock.

However, Blueface has now officially confirmed their separation and has moved on to a new romantic partner, female rapper Coi Leray, generating considerable interest among fans and the public.

Their relationship has been marked by frequent controversies, public arguments, and legal issues, which have played out both in the public eye and on social media platforms.

The recent Twitter exchange between Blueface and Chrisean highlighted their differing perspectives on accountability and the challenges they faced in their relationship.

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