Plastic Surgery Blog Claims Lori Harvey Is NOT Natural … ’Got Mini-BBL’ & ‘Gummy Bear Implants’!!

Plastic Surgery Blog Claims Lori Harvey Is NOT Natural … ’Got Mini-BBL’ & ‘Gummy Bear Implants’!!

Lori Harvey has garnered admiration from many social media users for her widely acclaimed natural beauty and physique.

However, recent reports from Media Take Out indicate that a prominent blog has raised doubts about the authenticity of Lori’s natural physique, questioning whether she has undergone any enhancements.

The blog made bold claims about Lori Harvey:

A blog dedicated to dissecting the lives of celebrities and unveiling alleged hidden surgeries has made bold claims about Lori Harvey. According to this blog, Lori is said to have undergone cosmetic procedures on both her upper and lower body.

The Blog Made Bold Claims About Lori Harvey

In an attempt to support their assertions, the blog shared several side-by-side photographs of Lori, attempting to present evidence of her alleged surgical enhancements.

Devoted followers of the surgery blog have identified two purported surgeries that they speculate Steve Harvey’s daughter, Lori, underwent.

The first procedure mentioned is referred to as a “mini-BBL” (Brazilian Butt Lift), which involves the extraction of surplus fat from one area of the body and its subsequent injection into the buttocks to enhance their appearance.

Surgeries of Lori according to fans:

According to fan speculations, it is suggested that Lori may have undergone two specific surgeries.

The first procedure is commonly known as a “mini-BBL” or Brazilian Butt Lift, where excess fat is removed from problem areas like the hips, thighs, or lower abdomen and transferred to the buttocks to enhance their appearance.

Surgeries of Lori according to fans
source: usdailyreport

It is worth noting that the term “Brazilian” in the procedure’s name pays homage to the Brazilian surgeon who initially pioneered it, rather than having any cultural association.

Gummy bear implants:

The second surgery fans believe Lori may have had is called “gummy bear implants.” These implants are a unique type of silicone implant that has the ability to conform to the chest area, resulting in natural-looking outcomes for individuals seeking breast augmentation.

The Gummy Bear implant is presently manufactured by three distinct companies: Allergan, Mentor, and Sientra. These implants, known for their ability to maintain their shape, underwent extensive eight-year clinical trials conducted by each company, leading to their approval by the FDA.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Does Laurie Harvey have a child?

Harvey experienced a period of drug involvement and subsequently became a mother to two sons, Morgan and Jason, whose biological father is Townsend. While Woods is her biological father, Steve Harvey has assumed the role of her step-father

2. What is Lori Harvey famous for?

Among the Harvey siblings, Lori has carved her own path in the entertainment world, establishing herself as a prominent model and entrepreneur in the fashion and beauty industry.

Notably, she has gained attention for her high-profile romances with notable figures like Michael B Jordan, Diddy, and others.


Lori Harvey’s natural beauty has captivated many on social media, but Media Take Out has revealed that a popular blog is raising doubts about the authenticity of her physique.

The blog alleges that Lori underwent cosmetic procedures on both her upper and lower body, supported by side-by-side photographs presented as evidence.

Fans of the blog speculate that Lori may have had a “mini-BBL” to enhance her buttocks and “gummy bear implants” for breast augmentation.

It is important to note that these implants have undergone rigorous clinical trials by companies such as Allergan, Mentor, and Sientra, leading to FDA approval.

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