Pastor John Gray ALLEGEDLY Caught Having Another Affair . .. This Time Side Chick Leaks VIDEO!

Pastor John Gray ALLEGEDLY Caught Having Another Affair . .. This Time Side Chick Leaks VIDEO!

Recently, Media Take Out learned that Pastor John Grey is involved in yet another issue involving adultery. This time, a lady who is claiming to have had an affair with him says she has “video evidence” of their relationship.

Pastor John Gray’s Infidelity Allegations

The renowned pastor of the Relentless Church in South Carolina has faced accusations of infidelity on multiple occasions, dating back to as early as 2019. While Pastor Gray has previously admitted to “cheating” on his wife, he has also asserted that he has undergone a transformation and is now a reformed man.

In a recent video, gossip vlogger Tasha K made a claim about Pastor John Gray being involved in yet another affair. According to Tasha, this time the alleged affair is with an adult entertainer who provided her with video evidence of their involvement.

In a March 2019 interview on The Real, Pastor Gray candidly admitted to grappling with issues of infidelity. He made it clear that his affair was purely emotional and not sexual.

Pastor Gray attributed his misstep to a mistake in seeking solace and counsel from someone other than a professional counselor or a pastoral leader during a challenging period in his relationship with his wife.

Although Pastor Gray adamantly denies engaging in physical infidelity with his wife, speculation persists that the affair might have gone beyond the emotional aspect.

Pastor Grey made a point of emphasizing that marriage centers around ongoing growth and development in a lengthy Instagram post.

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Profound Apology For Past Mistakes

Profound Apology For Past Mistakes
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“From a man’s perspective, I was uninformed of the actual meaning of constant discipline, planning, leadership, manhood, and personal holiness.

 Living a life in the shadows, God refused to let me remain unaware of my brokenness. I failed to uphold God’s sacred standards in my marriage,” he expressed in a heartfelt statement.

“I deeply apologize. Although I’ve only ever had physical contact with you, mental infidelity is just as terrible. Sin is sin, and we should not diminish the gravity of one sin over another, as they can all lead to undesirable consequences…even eternal ones.

My wife deserves better, and I recognize my responsibility for the public embarrassment. So, I choose to be just as vocal about public honor and accountability now.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

What ever happened to pastor John Grey?

In late July, Gray was discharged from the hospital after suffering a life-threatening saddle pulmonary embolism, according to his wife, Aventer Gray.

Why was Pastor John Gray hospitalized?

Relentless Church pastor John Gray, who experienced a severe pulmonary embolism, returned to his church, sharing a glimpse of heaven.

What is the Relentless Church controversy?

The dispute focused on lease agreements and financial obligations for property off Haywood Road, involving Pastor Ron Carpenter-led Redemption Church and Relentless. Court filings included hundreds of pages of documents.


Pastor John Gray finds himself entangled in yet another cheating scandal after an adult entertainer claimed to have evidence of their affair. Despite admitting to emotional infidelity in the past, Gray denies any physical wrongdoing.

Speculation about the extent of the affair lingers, casting doubt on his transformation claims. In an Instagram post, Gray acknowledged his shortcomings, seeking forgiveness for his actions, and emphasized the importance of continuous growth in marriage.

As the public scrutinizes the situation, Gray aims to be more accountable and vocal about honoring his commitment to his wife.

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