OT Genesis Explains How He Knocked Out Fellow Rapper DDG (Halle Bailey’s BF)

OT Genesis Explains How He Knocked Out Fellow Rapper DDG (Halle Bailey’s BF)

Rapper OT Genesis has come forward to discuss an incident where he admitted to punching 19-year-old rapper DDG, resulting in him being knocked unconscious, as reported by Media Take Out.

Although the incident took place in 2020, OT Genesis recently chose to address the matter during his appearance on the No Jumper podcast.

alleged of OT Genesis’:

In OT Genesis’ account, given his strong affiliations with gangs in Los Angeles, he alleged that he found DDG in his bedroom during a party.

OT stated that he confronted DDG in the bedroom, and upon receiving an unsatisfactory response, he rendered the young rapper unconscious with a single punch.

Following the podcast, DDG took to Love to present his own version of events. DDG asserted that while attending a party at OT Genesis’ residence, he requested permission from security to use the bathroom located within the rapper’s bedroom.

According to reports from Media Take Out, DDG explained that all other bathrooms were occupied, and considering their supposed friendship, he didn’t anticipate any issues arising from using that particular bathroom.

Clash between DDG and  OT Genesis:

OT Genesis Explains How He Knocked Out Fellow Rapper DDG (Halle Bailey’s BF)
Source: mediatakeout

DDG maintains that he obtained permission to use the restroom and proceeded accordingly. However, OT Genesis entered the bedroom, became agitated upon seeing DDG, and despite DDG’s attempt to clarify the situation by mentioning the permission granted by security, OT unexpectedly struck him with a punch.

The situation between OT Genesis and DDG can be seen as either an overreaction on OT’s part or a display of disrespect from DDG, depending on different perspectives and interpretations of the events.

Frequently Asked Question.

1.How much does DDG make as a rapper?

According to CAKnowledge, the rapper’s estimated net worth in 2023 stands at approximately $8 million US dollars.

2.Is DDG in a relationship?

Halle Bailey’s portrayal of Ariel in The Little Mermaid is captivating audiences worldwide, and in real life, she has found her own Prince Charming.

The multi-talented singer-actress is in a relationship with rapper and YouTuber DDG, and the couple has been happily together for over a year.

3.Does DDG have tattoos?

I have adorned my chest with a tattoo of Philippians 4:13, while my hands bear two distinct tattoos – one on the left saying “one life” and the other a rose symbolizing balance, accompanied by the words “tomorrow is never promised.” The roses represent equilibrium, symbolizing the delicate balance of life.


The incident involving OT Genesis and DDG presents a conflicting narrative, with OT admitting to punching DDG and rendering him unconscious.

OT’s perspective suggests that he confronted DDG in his bedroom during a party and reacted to an unsatisfactory response. On the other hand, DDG maintains that he received permission from security to use the bathroom and didn’t anticipate any issues.

The incident raises questions about overreaction and disrespect, with different viewpoints arising from the accounts provided. Ultimately, the incident underscores the importance of effective communication and understanding to avoid such confrontations in the future.

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