North Carolina Rapper SHOT IN HEAD Goes On IG LIVE w Bullet Stuck In SKULL WTF

North Carolina Rapper SHOT IN HEAD . . . Goes On IG LIVE w/ Bullet Stuck In SKULL!! (WTF)

Media Take Out has confirmed that Finesse Trap Life, a rapper from North Carolina, is gaining widespread attention after miraculously surviving a gunshot wound to the head.

Shockingly, even after being shot, the rapper had the presence of mind to pick up his phone and immediately start an Instagram Live session.

Confidence of  Finesse Trap Life:

Confidence of  Finesse Trap Life

The rapper displayed remarkable composure despite being shot directly between the eyes, showing no signs of concern.

Rather than expressing fear or distress, he confidently boasted about his resilience and toughness to his fans.

In the video, the rapper begins by confidently stating, “You can never stop a savage, I’m truly built like that.”

 Braved Finesse Trap Life:

 Braved Finesse Trap Life

He further elaborates, stating, “And I sent them b**tches back,” implying that he retaliated after being targeted with a gunshot to the head by his adversaries, according to information gathered by Media Take Out.

While explaining his bravado, Finesse Trap Life emphasized the importance of surviving under pressure.

As he conveyed his message, blood could be seen trickling down his face, and there was a distinct bullet hole visibly located between his eyes, as confirmed by Media Take Out.

Towards the conclusion of the video, it becomes evident that the pain from the gunshot wound starts to overwhelm him. He concludes the video by expressing, “I’m not gonna lie, this thing hurts like a mother mother f****r.”


Finesse Trap Life, the North Carolina rapper, has captured significant attention after surviving a gunshot wound to the head, as confirmed by Media Take Out.

Despite the severity of the injury, he remarkably maintained composure, even engaging in an Instagram Live session immediately after the incident.

He confidently expressed his resilience and toughness to his fans, highlighting the importance of surviving under pressure.

The visible blood and bullet hole between his eyes served as a shocking testament to the seriousness of the situation.

Towards the end of the video, the rapper acknowledged the intense pain caused by the gunshot wound.

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