New Pics Of 2000s Video Vixen Cubana Lust Leak

New Pics Of 2000s Video Vixen Cubana Lust Leak … Looks Like The Crackhead From The Wire!!

Cubana Lust, whose real name is Yolanda Cuellar, was a renowned video vixen from the 2000s and one of the earliest “Instagram models” before it became a feasible career path for many. However, she has been going through difficult times lately.


Regrettably, Cubana Lust, who resides in South Florida, has had a challenging decade or so. Media Take Out has reported that she has been struggling with drug addiction and its accompanying hardships. Consequently, she has been arrested multiple times in the past five years.

As a result of these struggles, she now bears a resemblance to Bubbles, the crack addict character from the popular HBO series The Wire.


Her latest arrest and the resulting mugshot, shown above, are likely the most concerning. As per police reports, Cubana was arrested for trespassing and taken into custody.

Despite reaching out to Fort Lauderdale police, Media Take Out has not yet received any further information regarding the circumstances of her arrest.


As more details emerge, stay tuned for updates.

Here’s what Cubana Lust used to look like. She was previously linked romantically to 50 Cent, Fabolous, and Rick Ross:

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