NEW COUPLE? RAPPER Kid Cudi Celebrated Birthday With ‘Non Gender’ Jaden Smith!!

NEW COUPLE? RAPPER Kid Cudi Celebrated Birthday With ‘Non Gender’ Jaden Smith!!

Kid Cudi, the talented rapper and actor, joyously commemorated his recent birthday alongside his close friend, Jaden Smith.

Heartwarming Birthday Serenade with Jaden

Media Take Out reported that on Sunday, January 29, just one day before turning 39, video clips emerged on social media capturing the heartwarming scene where the rapper was serenaded by a group of partygoers, among them his companion Jaden.

For years, rumors have circulated in the world of fashion suggesting that Jaden (who now identifies themselves differently from male pronouns) and Cudi share a deeper connection than just friendship.

During the celebration, the “Pursuit of Happiness” recording artist stood beaming with joy, gently swaying in front of a birthday cake adorned with candles. It was heartwarming to see Jaden taking the lead in singing the birthday chorus for the occasion.

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Kid Cudi: Fashion, Acting, and Intergalactic

Kid Cudi: Fashion, Acting, and Intergalactic
source: vulture

During Paris Fashion Week earlier this month, Kid Cudi made a splash with the debut of his MOTR collection. The line features a vibrant color palette and includes distressed polo shirts, comfortable yet stylish pants, celestial prints, and eye-catching color-block jackets.

The clothing brand’s Instagram page reveals that the collection was inspired by a fusion of “90s grunge with the soul of hip hop and elements from a distant future.”

Besides his success in the fashion world, Kid Cudi has also made a mark in acting. His breakthrough came in 2010 when he landed a significant role as part of the main cast on HBO’s short-lived series “How To Make It In America.”

He continued to explore his acting talent, making appearances in various independent films, and finally made his feature film debut in 2014’s “Need For Speed.” To date, he has accumulated an impressive 35 scripted productions under his belt, not to mention eight additional cameos as himself.

Recently, the artist from Cleveland took center stage in his very own Netflix animated series, “Intergalactic,” where he lent his voice to the main character, Jabari. Notably, he played a crucial role in co-creating and co-executive producing the show alongside Kenya Barris, the creator of “Black-ish.”

In recognition of his exceptional performance and contributions to the project, he received the prestigious Groundbreaker Award at the fifth annual Celebration of Black Cinema & Television award show held in Los Angeles in December.

This accolade highlighted his significant impact and achievements in the world of entertainment.

Cudi’s achievements in the world of entertainment on screen might not be welcomed news for his music fans. During a conversation with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe in September, Cudi hinted that the “Intergalactic” album could potentially be his final musical project.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How rich is Kid Cudi?

In 2023, Celebrity Net Worth estimated Kid Cudi’s net worth at $16 million, showcasing his remarkable success and influence in the music industry.

Who has Kid Cudi dated?

Kid Cudi, the 38-year-old rap star, is known for his relationships and would love to settle down with someone special.

Did Jaden Smith date Kylie Jenner?

Jenner never confirmed a relationship with Jaden Smith, though signs suggested more than friendship. Smith mentioned hanging out in LA.


Kid Cudi, the multitalented rapper and actor, celebrated his recent birthday with Jaden Smith in a heartwarming gathering. Rumors of a deeper connection between the two have long circulated in the fashion world.

During Paris Fashion Week, Cudi made a splash with his MOTR collection, inspired by a fusion of “90s grunge with the soul of hip hop and elements from a distant future.” His acting career has been remarkable, with roles in various films and series.

Notably, he co-created and co-executive produced the Netflix animated series “Entergalactic,” earning him the prestigious Groundbreaker Award. However, fans might be saddened by his hint that it could be his last musical project.

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