Marjorie Harvey’s DRUG DEALING Ex-Husband SPEAKS

Marjorie Harvey’s DRUG DEALING Ex-Husband SPEAKS … Calls Steve Harvey A SNAKE!!!

Marjorie Harvey has entered into three marriages throughout her life. Initially, she was married to Jim Townsend, and together they had two children.

Subsequently, she tied the knot with Darnell Woods, who happened to be a distant cousin of Jim’s, and they had one child, named Lori.

Currently, Marjorie is married to Steve Harvey, whom she wedded in 2007, and he is her third and present husband. Both of Marjorie’s initial two husbands encountered legal issues and were incarcerated for narcotics-related offenses.

Jim Townsend, revealed  related Marjorie

Yesterday, it was revealed that blogger Tasha K conducted an interview with Jim Townsend, Marjorie’s first husband, who had a wealth of information to share about their past relationship.

Jim Townsend has recently gained attention for allegedly penning a revealing memoir titled “Snakes In The Grass,” which delves into his marriage to Marjorie Harvey during the 1990s.

Jim, Harvey’s ex-husband, has broken his silence, declaring that he no longer feels any loyalty towards her.

Revealing that he wrote a significant portion of his book while incarcerated, the former drug dealer asserted his determination to share his story despite Harvey’s knowledge of it.

Their marriage in the 1990s resulted in the birth of two children, but it was reportedly troubled by Jim’s engagement in illicit activities, eventually leading to his arrest and imprisonment.

Jim Townsend as a “drug lord”

Jim Townsend as a "drug lord"
Source: news.amomama

According to Media Take Out, during their marriage, Marjorie was allegedly investigated by the FBI, and her former husband Jim Townsend was labeled a “drug lord” by investigators.

While Marjorie was not charged with any drug-related offenses, her association with Townsend attracted unwanted attention.

In 1992, Townsend was apprehended in an undercover sting operation and received a life sentence for his involvement in a conspiracy to distribute illegal substances.

However, in January 2017, Jim was granted a pardon by former President Barack Obama after lobbying efforts from Marjorie and Steve.

Despite the efforts made to secure Jim’s release from jail, he reportedly chose to cooperate with authorities.

During the interview, Jim expressed his resentment towards Steve, citing an incident where Steve allegedly referred to him as a “punk ass” in the presence of Jim’s eldest son, who was primarily raised by Steve.

Frequently Asked Question

1.What happened to Marjorie’s first husband?

Marjorie tied the knot with her first ex-husband, Jim Townsend, in the late ’90s. He received a life sentence for attempting to purchase 40 kilos of cocaine but was granted a pardon in 2017 after serving 26 years behind bars.

2.What is Marjorie Harvey famous for?

Marjorie Harvey, born on October 10, 1964, is a multi-talented individual who excels as a clothing designer, business owner, blogger, and influential figure on social media platforms, boasting a massive following of over 2 million on Instagram.

3.How long did it take Steve Harvey to marry Marjorie?

Despite their official marriage taking place in 2007, Marjorie and Steve’s connection dates back to earlier years when the comedian was entertaining audiences at a club in Memphis, Tennessee.


Marjorie Harvey has had three marriages in her life, with her current husband being Steve Harvey. Her previous marriages to Jim Townsend and Darnell Woods resulted in the birth of three children. Unfortunately, both of her initial husbands faced legal issues related to narcotics and were incarcerated.

Recently, Jim Townsend, her first husband, conducted an interview discussing their past relationship and his memoir, “Snakes In The Grass,” which sheds light on their troubled marriage. Jim revealed his lack of loyalty towards Marjorie and expressed his determination to share his story, despite her knowledge of it. The marriage faced challenges due to Jim’s involvement in illicit activities, leading to his arrest and imprisonment.

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