Love After Lockup Andrea’s Husband Lamar Jackson Was Just ARRESTED AGAIN?? (Oh Lord)

According to Andrea, Lamar Jackson from Love After Lockup Season 1 has returned to prison, as reported by Media Take Out.

Yesterday, Andrea took to Instagram to share her husband’s alleged arrest, posting text graphics in her feed and stories that stated: “I Am … A Prison Wife Again!!!”

Lamar’s Troubled Past And Present

In the image, Andrea tagged Lamar and captioned it with the words: “This Life is not for the weak…”

If her claims are accurate, this wouldn’t be Lamar’s initial encounter with the law. In a Love After Lockup Season 1 “Where Are They Now?” Andrea disclosed that her husband was previously arrested for associating with the wrong crowd.

During the “Where Are They Now?” Andrea shared with her friends, “When you’re on parole or probation, you have to be flawless.”

She disclosed that Lamar’s return to prison happened because he was in the wrong neighborhood with the wrong crowd.

Lamar went somewhere with an old “gang homie” who was carrying a gun, and both of them were on probation. To make matters worse, there was a stripper in the back seat as well.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who Went Back To Jail On Love After Lockup?

Among Season 4 stars, Lindsey is the sole one currently back in prison, partially due to her anger. Scott reported damages to the house after she moved out.

2. Is Lamar From Love After Lockup Still Married?

Andrea’s life-changing transformation led to Lamar’s gratitude, and they exchanged vows in a lovely backyard ceremony on Love After Lockup Season 1. They’ve become a fixture on the spinoff Life After Lockup.

3. How Did Lamar And Andrea Have A Baby?

During Lamar’s time in prison, the couple fell in love and had their eight-year-old daughter Priscilla through an informal conjugal visit.

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Andrea has claimed that Lamar Jackson, known from Love After Lockup Season 1, has been sent back to prison, according to Media Take Out. On Instagram, she posted a message declaring herself a “Prison Wife Again!!!” and tagged Lamar in the post.

The image caption read: “This Life is not for the weak…”. This isn’t the first time Lamar has had legal trouble; during a Love After Lockup Season 1 “Where Are They Now?” special, Andrea revealed he was previously arrested for being associated with the wrong crowd.

This time, he was caught in the wrong neighborhood with a friend carrying a gun, both of them on probation, and with a stripper in the back seat, exacerbating the situation.

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