LL Cool J’s Alleged ‘Hidden’ Son Breaks Silence

LL Cool J’s Alleged ‘Hidden’ Son Breaks Silence

Love Benji, a musician, has recently made a startling revelation, claiming to be the biological son of LL Cool J and asserting that he has been kept away from the public eye for years.

In a bold move, Love Benji shared his story, displaying immense courage at his current stage in life. He mentioned signing nondisclosure agreements and the desire to keep his existence hidden, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, after learning the truth from his mother, Love Benji feels compelled to bring this information to light. Expressing gratitude, he took to Instagram to share his feelings and release the burden from his chest.

 Love Benji alleges against LL Cool J

In his claim, Love Benji alleges that despite LL Cool J being aware of their biological relationship, the rapper intentionally blocked him on social media and distanced himself.

Love Benji referred to LL Cool J, whose real name is James Todd Smith, as his father, acknowledging him as a great man.

Love Benji expressed his attempts to establish a connection by making trips to see LL Cool J, along with his wife and other family members.

The revelation of his paternity shed light on Love Benji’s innate desires to pursue music and acting, as he discovered that his father is none other than the esteemed LL Cool J. Grateful for this knowledge, Love Benji considers himself blessed.

LL Cool J refuted the allegations by Love Benji

LL Cool J’s Alleged ‘Hidden’ Son Breaks Silence
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LL Cool J has refuted the allegations made by Love Benji. In a statement provided to HHDX, LL Cool J categorically denied the claim, stating that the video in question appears to be a skit or joke, emphasizing that there is absolutely no truth to the claim.

Fans engaged in discussions within the comments section, debating whether LL Cool J was indeed joking due to the striking resemblance between him and Love Benji.

However, the artist himself has firmly denied the assertions, maintaining that the claims are entirely unfounded.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Why does LL Cool J call himself that?

LL Cool J, a stage name derived from Ladies Love Cool James, was signed by Def Jam. His debut was the 12-inch single “I Need a Beat” (1984).

2. What did LL Cool J do?

Born on January 14, 1968, in Bay Shore, Long Island, New York, LL Cool J (James Todd Smith) is an influential American rapper and actor.

He emerged as a prominent figure in mid-1980s new-school rap and achieved rare longevity with a successful recording career spanning over a decade.

3. Is LL Cool J related to Michael Jackson?

By founding The Jackson Brothers with his two brothers in 1964, Tito started to increase his wealth. Consequently, there is no familial connection between LL Cool J and Michael Jackson.


Love Benji’s revelation claiming to be the biological son of LL Cool J has sparked intrigue and controversy.

With courage, he shared his story, revealing the existence of nondisclosure agreements and his desire to remain hidden during the pandemic.

Love Benji’s allegations include LL Cool J’s deliberate blocking on social media and distancing himself despite being aware of their relationship.

Expressing gratitude for the qualities he believes he inherited, Love Benji emphasized the significance of their connection beyond financial support.

However, LL Cool J has strongly denied the claims, stating that the video in question is a skit or joke.

Fans engaged in debates about the truthfulness of the claims, considering the striking resemblance between the two. Nevertheless, LL Cool J firmly maintains the allegations are entirely baseless.

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