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‘King Von: Rap’s First Serial Killer’ Documentary Returns To YouTube

A documentary titled “King Von: Rap’s First Serial Killer” which made shocking allegations accusing the late rapper of committing 10 murders has been re-posted on YouTube.

The video was taken down a few days ago but has now been restored to the platform after the creator, Trap Lore Ross, publicly complained.

Ross stated that some modifications had to be made to the documentary before it could be re-uploaded.

“Blurred all the guns, vapes, weed, and cigarettes,” he explained. “Removed Baylo discussing the fact that no funeral homes would take Von’s body (despite the fact that he’s apparently an Angel and everything is in caps).”

Removed speculation about who lined up Duck (new information included), as well as several accounts of deaths.”

According to the documentary, Von murdered four men in a single year, 2012. Those men, according to Media Take Out, are King Doc, Dirty Red, Modell, P5, and Lil James. All four persons were associated with King Von’s opponents and were considered his opponents.

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