Kenashia ‘Shia’ Douglas – Ashanti’s Sister – Speaks Out About Abuse At The Hands Of Her Ex-Fiancé

Kenashia ‘Shia’ Douglas – Ashanti’s Sister – Speaks Out About Abuse At The Hands Of Her Ex-Fiancé

In recognition of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Kenashia “Shia” Douglas, the sister of Ashanti, bravely revealed the harrowing details of her tumultuous relationship with her former fiancé, Slow Bucks, a hip hop brand ambassador.

According to reports from Media Take Out, Shia courageously shared deeply troubling photographs that depicted the abuse she endured from the man she had once deeply cared for.

Month of  Observation of Domestic Violence  Awareness

During this month of October, we observe Domestic Violence Awareness Month, a time dedicated to recognizing the survivors of domestic violence and advocating for the rights of its victims.

In a poignant revelation, Kenashia “Shia” Douglas, the sister of renowned singer Ashanti, disclosed her past experience in an abusive relationship with her former fiancé, Slow Bucks.

On her 32nd birthday in 2020, Shia exhibited tremendous courage by sharing distressing photographs and videos that depicted the aftermath of the violence she endured.

She recounted the painful details of having her teeth knocked out by a man she once deeply loved, and also shared clips of her subsequent reconstructive surgery on her mouth and jaw.

Shia as a dedicated advocate against domestic violence

Kenashia ‘Shia’ Douglas – Ashanti’s Sister – Speaks Out About Abuse At The Hands Of Her Ex-Fiancé
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Since that time, Shia has become a dedicated advocate against domestic violence, using her voice to raise awareness and share her personal journey of healing from the past and the trauma she has endured.

To mark the beginning of October, she took a vulnerable and deeply unsettling step by sharing a post on Instagram about the horrific abuse she suffered at the hands of her ex-fiancé. In her courageous post, she also addressed the topic of pregnancy.

In the caption accompanying a collage of pictures depicting her injuries, Shia expressed her gratitude to God, her ancestors, angels, and guides for helping her survive the warzone she had been trapped in.

She acknowledged that the toxicity and danger of her situation were not apparent to the outside world, creating a sense of isolation for her and those closest to her who were aware of the truth. She candidly revealed that the abuse became a regular occurrence, leading her to fight back and use anything within her reach to protect herself.

Shia is on the experience growing up in a toxic environment

Shia is on the experience growing up in a toxic environment
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Shia reflected on the common experience of growing up in toxic environments where arguments and fights between adults were normalized, resulting in inner wounds and traumas that persist into adulthood.

She shared that her own childhood was far from ordinary, and while her parents were together, the dynamics of their family led her to aspire to create a different kind of family for herself.

However, her unwavering loyalty and strong desire to establish her own family led her to accept things she should never have tolerated.

Her heartfelt words serve as a testament to the strength and resilience she has found along her journey of healing, while shedding light on the complexities of domestic violence and the lasting impact it can have on individuals and families.

“I have endured punches, spit, strangulation, and being forcefully pushed to the ground. I have even faced threats involving a [gun emoji],” she bravely shared.

“When I look at these pictures, I approach the woman I once was with grace and patience, acknowledging all the things she didn’t know.

I love her and appreciate her for the role she played in shaping my journey. I don’t label myself as just a victim or a survivor; this is all part of my unique story, my life, and my ongoing journey…

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.Who is Ashanti’s sister’s ex fiance?

Previously, Douglas has bravely spoken about her abusive relationship without explicitly mentioning the name of her abuser, but it is known that she was once engaged to the rapper Slow Bucks.

2.How many sisters does Ashanti have?

Born into an African-American family, her mother Tina Douglas is a former dance teacher, her father Ken-Kaide Thomas Douglas is a former singer, and she is the eldest sibling with a younger sister named Kenashia “Shia” Douglas.

3.Does Ashanti have biological kids?

Despite being one of the most accomplished women in her field, Ashanti’s personal life has faced scrutiny. At 42 years old, she remains unmarried and does not have any biological or adopted children.


In her courageous revelation, Kenashia “Shia” Douglas, the sister of singer Ashanti, shed light on the haunting details of her turbulent relationship with her ex-fiancé, Slow Bucks, during Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

Through her willingness to share distressing photographs and videos, Shia displayed immense strength and resilience, highlighting the profound impact of domestic violence on individuals and families.

Her powerful journey of healing and self-discovery serves as an inspiration to others, as she embraces her past with compassion and understanding.

Refusing to be confined to the labels of victim or survivor, Shia recognizes that her experiences form an integral part of her unique story, demonstrating her unwavering determination to shape a brighter future.

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