IG Star Ari Fletcher HACKED ... They Leak Pics Of Her Boyfriend Moneybagg Yo … Showing ‘SMALL D’

IG Star Ari Fletcher HACKED . . . They Leak Pics Of Her Boyfriend Moneybagg Yo … Showing ‘SMALL D’

Last night, Ari Fletcher’s Instagram page fell victim to a hacker who seized control and proceeded to share images of her boyfriend, Moneybagg Yo.

Shockingly, the hacker also made claims about Moneybagg Yo’s physical attributes, asserting that he possesses a “small d,” as revealed by Media Take Out’s investigation.

A yet-to-be-identified hacker has released personal images from Ari Fletcher’s Snapchat account to the public. These leaked images, which were saved by Ari Fletcher, have been exposed without her consent or authorization.

The incident highlights a serious breach of privacy and raises concerns regarding online security. During the hacking incident, the perpetrator shared a video allegedly featuring MoneyBagg Yo, revealing what appeared to be a small appendage.

However, Media Take Out was unable to verify the authenticity of the video or determine if it had been manipulated in any way. The circulating footage raises questions about its credibility and underscores the need for caution when interpreting such content.

Relation between Ari Fletcher and her boyfriend Moneybagg Yo:

Earlier this year, Moneybagg Yo and Ari Fletcher were anticipating the arrival of their child, but tragically, the couple faced a miscarriage.

Relation between Ari Fletcher and her boyfriend Moneybagg Yo
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In a recent episode of her YouTube series, “Dinner With The Don,” released on Monday, September 26, Ari openly addressed various aspects of her past relationship with the CMG rapper.

Confirming their breakup, Ari also acknowledged that the baby bump photo recently posted by Moneybagg Yo did feature her. However, the couple’s heartbreaking loss ultimately led to the end of their shared journey towards parenthood.

Ari Fletcher accept speculation of her pregnancy:

Admitting to the speculation surrounding her pregnancy, Ari confirmed, “Yes, that was me in the picture, pregnant. That was me.” However, she revealed the unfortunate news of experiencing a miscarriage, recognizing that it was not the right time according to God’s plan.

Ari Fletcher accept speculation of her pregnancy
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She expressed hope for the future, suggesting that motherhood may come at a later stage. Addressing another rumor that had circulated, Ari also debunked the speculation of her involvement with rapper Meek Mill.

Photos of them reportedly taken in the same hotel had fueled speculation, but Meek quickly denied any connection to Ari.

After enduring weeks of rumors involving Meek and Portuguese soccer player Renato Sanches, Ari finally put those speculations to rest, laying them to rest and setting the record straight.

Ari Fletcher’s rejection of a romantic relationship with Meek:

Regarding Portuguese soccer player Renato Sanches, Ari firmly stated, “I do not know that man,” refuting any connection or knowledge of him.

Furthermore, she denied ever being in a romantic relationship with Meek, putting an end to the rumors and clarifying their non-existent dating history. Ari emphatically discredited the speculations surrounding both individuals, firmly asserting her stance.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What did Ari Fletcher do before she was famous?

After the tragic loss of her brother, Ari Fletcher found work as a waitress at Adrianna’s Nightclub in Chicago. In 2005, she began her modeling career by showcasing her talent on her Instagram page under the handle @therealkylesister.

As time went on, Ari expanded her ventures and entered the hair weave business. Eventually, she partnered with her cousin, Britney, to establish KYCHE Extensions, her own hair extensions company.

2. Who was Ari’s first boyfriend?

Before her relationship with Moneybagg Yo, Ari Fletcher had a brief romance with boxer Gervonta Davis. Although their relationship was short-lived, the aftermath of their breakup had a lasting impact.


Ari Fletcher’s Instagram page became a target for hackers, resulting in the unauthorized release of personal images and the circulation of claims about her boyfriend, Moneybagg Yo.

This incident raises serious concerns about privacy and online security, emphasizing the need for vigilance in protecting personal information.

In the aftermath of the hacking, Ari Fletcher confirmed her pregnancy and the subsequent miscarriage, expressing acceptance of God’s timing and remaining hopeful for the future.

Additionally, she addressed rumors linking her to rapper Meek Mill and Portuguese soccer player Renato Sanches, firmly denying any romantic involvement with either individual.

Ari Fletcher’s candid responses and clarifications shed light on her personal journey and reinforce the importance of separating fact from speculation in the realm of celebrity news.

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