IG Influencer Jayda Cheaves Confirms She Got Plastic Surgery On Her Face: Before & After!

IG Influencer Jayda Cheaves Confirms She Got Plastic Surgery On Her Face: Before & After!

According to Media Take Out, Jayda Cheaves, a popular social media influencer, recently revealed her new appearance on Instagram.

Shortly after the pictures surfaced online, fans began speculating about whether she had undergone plastic surgery.

Despite initially refuting the rumors surrounding her altered appearance, Jayda Cheaves has now confirmed that she underwent an eye lift procedure.

Taking to her Instagram story, she expressed her thoughts on the matter, stating, “Some of you are commenting on how different I look and criticizing my face.

It’s interesting how these comments only started after I began wearing wigs. Perhaps you simply forgot how I looked without them.”

Tae’s Video Sparks Surprise and Eyelift Clarification

IG Influencer Jayda Cheaves Confirms She Got Plastic Surgery On Her Face: Before & After!
Source: mediatakeout

Tae, a renowned celebrity hairstylist, recently shared a video on Instagram featuring a blonde wig installation for Cheaves.

In the caption, Tae expressed admiration, stating, “Jaydaaaaa, I love how the wigs enhance your facial features.” This comment sparked surprise among many users, as they admitted, “I didn’t recognize her at first.”

One user, assuming Jayda’s post was an attempt to divert attention from her recent eyebrow lift, commented, “So you’re posting an old video because of your new eyebrow lift.”

Jayda promptly corrected the user, stating, “It was actually an eye lift, and I had it done here in this video.” She further engaged with other comments, inviting individuals to educate themselves by searching for information on eye lifts and emphasizing that the exaggerated appearance was due to the wig, which provided a more defined look.

Frequently Asked Question

1. Did Jayda Cheaves do something to her face?

Jayda Cheaves finally admits to undergoing an eye lift procedure, despite initial denials, and addresses critics on Instagram who noticed her changed appearance after wearing a wig.

2. What kind of surgery did Jayda Wayda get?

Explore TikTok videos showcasing the transformation of Jayda Wayda before and after her eye lift surgery.

How did Jayda Cheaves get famous?

Cheaves entered the entrepreneurial world with her renowned company, Amour Jayda L.L.C. Besides her clothing line, Waydamin merch, she also specializes in human hair.

Additionally, she has a significant YouTube following, with over 345k views and subscribers.


In conclusion, Jayda Cheaves, a popular social media influencer, has finally confirmed undergoing an eye lift procedure after initially denying rumors of plastic surgery.

The revelation came after fans speculated about her changed appearance following her Instagram reveal.

Jayda addressed the criticism, highlighting the correlation between the comments and her newfound preference for wearing wigs.

Tae, the renowned celebrity hairstylist, further fueled surprise among users with a video showcasing a wig installation that transformed Jayda’s look.

Amidst assumptions about an eyebrow lift, Jayda clarified that it was, in fact, an eye lift, performed during the video. She encouraged individuals to educate themselves on eye lifts and emphasized the wig’s impact on her enhanced features.

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