Ice Spice Caught LYING About Being Part Nigerian … Africans On Twitter Are BLASTING HER!!

Ice Spice, the female rapper, had claimed she was “part Nigerian,” but Media Take Out confirms this was false. Her parents are Dominican American and African American, not Nigerian.

Ice Spice’s close friend is puzzled about her false lineage claim. Last year, she tweeted being “half” Nigerian, sparking the deception.

Ice Spice’s Lineage Controversy Uncovered

Media Take Out has discovered that a friend of Ice Spice is questioning her lineage, implying that she is being dishonest. During an interview, the friend was informed that Ice Spice is Nigerian, to which they replied, “I didn’t know, I saw her tweet that but she never told me that.”

Ice Spice’s friend revealed that when confronted about her false claim of being Nigerian, Ice attempted to divert the situation by stating that “her best friend is Nigerian.”

The interviewer appeared skeptical, repeatedly questioning why Ice claimed to be half Nigerian, while her friend remained unaware and clueless about the reason.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Ice Spice’s Dad Nigerian?

Gaston’s father, a former underground rapper, is African-American, and her mother, who had her at 17, is Dominican. They met at McDonald’s and divorced when she was two.

Which African Country Is Ice Spice From?

A tweet commented that Ice Spice appears Igbo, and her real name might be Chisom. In response, she confirmed being Nigerian but uncertain of her specific tribe.

Is Ice Spice Religious?

Growing up, I wasn’t very religious, never baptized, and didn’t attend church frequently. However, I pray regularly every day. My parents separated when I was two, and I have five siblings.


In light of the recent revelations, it is now clear that Ice Spice’s claim of being “part Nigerian” was indeed false. Media Take Out has verified her true heritage to be Dominican American and African American, not Nigerian.

The controversy surrounding her lineage has left her close friend puzzled and questioning her honesty. During an interview, the friend expressed surprise and ignorance regarding Ice Spice’s claim.

Furthermore, when confronted about it, Ice Spice tried to divert attention by mentioning her best friend’s Nigerian background.

The lingering uncertainty surrounding the rapper’s motives for the deception remains, as the interviewer expressed incredulity while her friend remained clueless about the true reasons behind the false claim.

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