Chicago Rapper Spenzo Is Kidnapped & Assaulted … And The Thugs Who Did It LIVE STREAMED IT!!

Chicago Rapper Spenzo Is Kidnapped & Assaulted … And The Thugs Who Did It LIVE STREAMED IT!!

Over the weekend, a well-known Chicago rapper known as Spenzo was reportedly kidnapped by his rivals, who took to Instagram Live to livestream the abduction and subsequent assault.

The incident was sparked by Spenzo allegedly making disrespectful remarks about a deceased adversary.

Following the unfortunate loss of a gang member in Chicago, the father of the deceased reached out to Spenzo directly, initiating a confrontation in their private messages.

Disturbingly, Spenzo responded to the man with threats. Here is the exchange: That’s when the situation took a turn for the worse.

Allegedly using firearms to intimidate Spenzo

Chicago Rapper Spenzo
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Social media reports indicate that the father, accompanied by several individuals, confronted Spenzo when he was vulnerable and unprepared.

They allegedly used firearms to intimidate the Chicago rapper, coerced him into the backseat of a vehicle, where he was subjected to physical assault and had his clothes forcibly removed. Shockingly, they live-streamed the entire incident, showcasing the beatings.

Since the incident, there have been no sightings or updates regarding Spenzo’s whereabouts. Despite attempts by Media Take Out to contact the rapper through social media, no response was received.

Frequently Asked Questions.

1. Is Spenzo from Chicago?

Demauris Merchant Johnson, known professionally as Spenzo, is an American rapper hailing from Chicago, renowned for his single “Wife ‘Er” and notable collaborations with artists like Young Thug, G Herbo, and King Louie. He represents the vibrant music scene of Chicago, Illinois, in the United States.

2. What rapper got kidnapped?

Nappy Roots Rapper Scales expressed his recovery and eagerness to resume work after being a victim of a shooting and kidnapping during an armed robbery in August.

The rap group recently shared a photo captured during their performance in Kentucky last Saturday, showcasing their resilience and determination.

3. What rapper was accused of kidnapping?

Kejuan Brandon Campbell, known as Splash Zanotti, along with two accomplices, is facing accusations of orchestrating the kidnapping of a South Florida couple in an attempt to extort $20,000 from them.

4. Who was the rapper whose girlfriend got kidnapped?

Rapper Germ reveals that he personally witnessed the abduction of his girlfriend, which tragically led to her untimely death.


In conclusion, the incident involving Spenzo, the Chicago rapper, escalated dramatically when his rivals kidnapped him and livestreamed the assault on Instagram Live.

The confrontation stemmed from alleged disrespectful remarks made by Spenzo about a deceased adversary, leading to a heated exchange with the father of the deceased gang member. Subsequently, Spenzo was confronted by the father and his associates,

Who used firearms to threaten and coerce him into a vehicle, where he was subjected to physical assault and stripped of his clothes.

Unfortunately, there have been no updates on Spenzo’s whereabouts since the incident, and efforts to contact him have been unsuccessful.

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