Former Atlanta Housewives Kim Fields Hasn’t Been Seen W Husband For A Year .. Divorce Rumors!

Former Atlanta Housewives Kim Fields Hasn’t Been Seen W/ Husband For A Year .. Divorce Rumors!

Kim Fields, known for her role in the film “The Upshaws” alongside Mike Epps, has raised speculation as she and her husband Christopher Morgan have not been seen together or photographed for months.

Industry insiders have begun whispering about their relationship, as Kim has been seen without her wedding ring, traveling alone, and removing most of her Instagram pictures featuring her husband, according to information obtained by Media Take Out.

The situation becomes more intriguing as it is revealed that Christopher, a Broadway actor, is no longer following Kim on Instagram and has refrained from posting any pictures of her for over a year.

Instead, his recent family pictures solely feature him and his two sons. From an external perspective, the circumstances do not appear favorable for their relationship.

Kim’s with best friend Tamron

During Kim’s recent appearance on her best friend Tamron Hall’s show, a peculiar observation was made as Tamron did not ask about Kim’s husband.

This omission added to the intrigue surrounding Kim’s relationship. However, Tamron did mention that she is prepared for the “next stage” in Kim’s life, alluding to significant forthcoming changes.

Kim Fields her acting career

Kim Fields embarked on her acting career at the remarkable age of five, gaining widespread recognition for her portrayals of Dorothy “Tootie” Ramsey in the NBC sitcom “The Facts of Life” during the 1980s, and Regine Hunter in the Fox sitcom “Living Single” during the 1990s.

In 2013, she made headlines by becoming pregnant at the age of 44 and successfully giving birth to a healthy baby boy.

Following her move to Southern California, Kim attended Burbank High School before delving into higher education.

After her nine-season run on “The Facts of Life,” she pursued studies in communications and film at Pepperdine University, ultimately graduating in 1990.

As confirmed by Media Take Out, Kim Fields continued her acting career into her adult life. In 1994, she garnered recognition by receiving an NAACP Image Award for Best Director for her work in bringing “Vanities” to the stage in Los Angeles.

The subsequent year, she was honored with another NAACP Image Award, this time for Best Actress in the stage play “Fight the Good Fight.

Kim Fields married Christopher Morgan

Kim Fields is married to Christopher Morgan, and the couple has collaborated on various projects, including the 2011 Christmas television special titled “Holiday Love.” Presently, Kim is prominently featured in the Netflix series “The Upshaws,” where she shares the screen with comedian Mike Epps.

Frequently Asked Question

1. Why did Kim leave Real Housewives of Atlanta?

After leaving the show, she openly shared her experience in a candid interview, citing the intense stress and hostile environment she faced while being pregnant as her primary reason for departure. She also recounted instances such as Shereé pulling her wig and the ongoing conflicts with her fellow castmates.

2. How did Kim Fields get famous?

In 1979, Fields achieved a breakthrough in her career when she was cast as Dorothy “Tootie” Ramsey on the popular television series, The Facts of Life. Her portrayal of Tootie allowed her to grow up alongside the television audience, captivating viewers until the show’s conclusion in 1988.


Kim Fields, known for her roles in “The Upshaws” and iconic shows like “The Facts of Life” and “Living Single,” has sparked speculation about her marriage to Christopher Morgan.

Recent observations, such as Kim not wearing her wedding ring and the absence of photographs together, have fueled rumors of trouble in their relationship.

Christopher’s lack of social media posts featuring Kim and Kim’s appearance on Tamron Hall’s show without any mention of her husband have added to the speculation.

While the exact status of their relationship remains uncertain, Kim continues to pursue her acting career, most notably in the Netflix series “The Upshaws” alongside comedian Mike Epps.

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