Fabolous’ Daughter Taina BREAKS UP w/ Rapper Baby Daddy G Herbo!

Fabolous’ Daughter Taina BREAKS UP w/ Rapper Baby Daddy G Herbo!

According to reports, there is news of a separation between popular Chicago rapper G Herbo and Taina, who gained fame on Instagram and is the daughter of hip-hop star Fabolous, as stated by Media Take Out.

The pair has reportedly been having relationship issues ever since they welcomed their second kid earlier this year, according to many posts on social media.

Taina’s Relationship Struggles and Instagram Clues

Fabolous’ Daughter Taina BREAKS UP w/ Rapper Baby Daddy G Herbo!
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According to a well-known hip-hop blogger based in Chicago, it is reported that Taina has vacated the house they shared with G Herbo and is now residing in a flat.

There are also suggestions from another blogger, who is connected to Taina, that she might be experiencing postpartum depression. These emotional challenges are speculated to have put a strain on their relationship.

Looking at Taina’s Instagram account indicates that since May, when their kid was born, Fab’s daughter has not shared any images with G Herbo. The most recent photo of the couple together can be seen below:

Yesterday, Taina sparked widespread discussion as she shared a video on Instagram, as confirmed by Media Take Out.

The video featured her listening to the song “Gotta Move On,” known as a universally relatable breakup song.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When did Taina and G Herbo get together?

After G Herbo ended his engagement with Ari Fletcher in 2018, he began dating Taina Williams, the stepdaughter of Fabolous, in 2019. G Herbo and Taina celebrated the arrival of their first child together in May 2021.

2. What did Taina say to the fabulous?

In a since-deleted comment, Taina Williams accused Fabolous of making derogatory remarks about the artist. She claimed that he had neglected their daughter for a year and requested he avoid public internet exchanges.

3. What did herb do to Ari?

During the interview, G Herbo acknowledged having cheated on his ex-girlfriend Ari Fletcher. He clarified by saying, “I wouldn’t say I’m a cheater. I cheated though.”


Reports indicate a separation between rapper G Herbo and Taina, daughter of Fabolous. Social media reports suggest relationship difficulties since the birth of their second child.

Taina has reportedly moved out and is renting an apartment. Speculation arises about her possible postpartum depression impacting their relationship.

Taina’s Instagram shows no recent photos with G Herbo. Furthermore, her recent video listening to a breakup song has generated significant attention.

The situation continues to spark discussions and speculation surrounding the couple’s current status.

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