EXCLUSIVE: Love & Hip Hop Scrappy ALLEGEDLY Back Together w/ Baby’s Mama Erica Dixon!!

EXCLUSIVE: Love & Hip Hop Scrappy ALLEGEDLY Back Together w/ Baby’s Mama Erica Dixon!!

According to Media Take Out, Scrappy, a star of Love & Hip Hop, and Bambi, his previous life partner, have broken up. The cast of the popular VH1 show speculated about Scrappy’s possible relationship with co-star Erica Mena.

There is talk that Scrappy could be getting close to another Erica romantically. Scrappy and Erica Dixon did indeed attend Kirk Frost’s 50th birthday party, according to Media Take Out. Together, they came, and they were cordial towards one another.

Media Take Out observed the interactions between the two former lovers throughout the night, closely monitoring their every move.

They danced together, spent most of the evening near each other, and exchanged numerous jokes. Their behavior seemed indicative of a couple, but neither Scrappy nor Erica provided any information about the current status of their relationship.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who did Scrappy date on Love and Hip Hop?

Lil Scrappy ended his romance with Erica during season three and started dating Bambi Benson. After Bambi miscarries, Scrappy confides in Erica Pinkett, which causes tension between the two women.

2. Did Bambi and Scrappy have a baby?

Lil Scrappy and Adiz ‘Bambi’ Benson, a Love & Hip Hop couple, joyfully welcomed their third child—a baby girl—over the July 24th weekend. Lil Scrappy shared an Instagram photo of their adorable matching safari print outfits.

3. Who does Bambi have kids with?

Bambi Richardson, known from Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, proudly introduces her newborn daughter, Cali Richardson, born on Sunday, July 25. The baby is Bambi’s third child with her rapper husband Lil Scrappy (Darryl Raynard Richardson III).


Media Take Out reported the breakup between Love & Hip Hop star Scrappy and Bambi. Speculation emerged regarding Scrappy’s potential romantic involvement with co-star Erica Mena. Further speculation suggests a connection between Scrappy and Erica Dixon, as they attended Kirk Frost’s birthday celebration together and appeared friendly.

Media Take Out closely observed their interactions, noting their dancing, close proximity, and shared jokes, hinting at a possible couple dynamic.

However, Scrappy and Erica have not disclosed the nature of their relationship, leaving it open to speculation and interpretation.

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