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EXCLUSIVE: Ellen Degeneres DJ Stephen ‘Twitch’ Boss Lost MILLIONS In Failed Crypto & NFT Investments

Stephen “tWitch” Boss, the friendly DJ of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” and a well-known dancer who gained fame through “So You Think You Can Dance,” has passed away.

His wife, fellow dancer Allison Holker Boss, confirmed the sad news in a statement yesterday. According to reports, the 40-year-old TV star is believed to have died by suicide, allegedly shooting himself in the head with a handgun.

Media Take Out has recently obtained some intriguing information regarding the possible reason that led to DJ Twitch’s breaking point.

source: mediatakeout

According to a source close to the deceased TV personality,Ellen Degeneres DJ Stephen Twitch suffered significant financial losses in unsuccessful cryptocurrency ventures, amounting to millions of dollars, in recent months.

According to the source, Twitch had a strong interest in cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

For a period of time, he was performing well after investing a significant amount of money into them.

Regrettably, the crypto and NFT market has experienced a downturn in the past few months.

As per the statement of Twitch’s acquaintance, (Ellen Degeneres DJ Stephen)the television personality suffered a loss of millions.Okay, I will rewrite the user’s text without adding any new information. 

source: mediatakeout

Millions were lost by Twitch. According to Media Take Out, the friend stated that they had discussed the matter and he was extremely anxious about it.

The friend was unable to confirm if the massive financial loss was the reason behind Twitch’s suicide. However, the friend stated that it likely played a role in his mental well-being.

A year ago, bitcoin was being hailed by investors as the upcoming currency of the future, while ethereum was being touted as the most significant developer tool in the world.

FTX Arena had just been renamed, and Coinbase was experiencing record-breaking trades as non-fungible tokens surged in popularity. Additionally,(Ellen Degeneres DJ Stephen) the NBA’s Miami Heat had just begun their first full season in the arena.

Over the past year, Bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies have experienced a significant decline in value, losing 75% of their worth.

This drop has occurred in tandem with the decline of high-risk technology stocks.

The industry’s value, which was previously estimated at approximately $3 trillion, has now decreased to about $900 billion, resulting in a loss of over 70% of its worth.

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