Diddy’s ASIAN Baby Mama: I FORGIVE Him For Punching & BEATING Me & Forcing Me To Have Abortions!

Diddy’s ASIAN Baby Mama: I FORGIVE Him For Punching & BEATING Me & Forcing Me To Have Abortions!

Gina Huynh, the latest partner of music mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs, is joyfully embracing her pregnancy with him, leaving behind the contentious aspects of their previous relationship.

In recent news, it was revealed by Media Take Out that Gina discreetly disclosed her pregnancy with Diddy’s sixth child. The announcement took place during her attendance at the Billboard Music Awards last Sunday. 

allegations of Gina on “Diddy”

Now, Gina has previously claimed that her relationship with Diddy was abusive in interviews. She said that the millionaire often punched and beat her.

Gina stated yesterday that all of the statements she had made in the past about Diddy’s abuse were “true,” but she also maintains that he has changed. One commentator made an attempt to expose Gina and charge her with lying to Diddy.

I FORGIVE Him For Punching & BEATING Me & Forcing Me To Have Abortions
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Gina retorted, “Can’t you grasp the fact that if I had lied, why would Diddy still maintain a connection with me?”

The expected Asian model further expressed, “Individuals have the capacity to forgive one another, modify their behavior, and progress forward.”

And she concluded by stating, “It’s my life, and I have the freedom to do whatever the heck I want with it.”

Emotional behavior of diddy, with Gina.

“When we arrived at the hotel, things escalated even further. [Diddy] grabbed one of my heels and attempted to throw it at me. He forcefully pressed his hand against my face, causing a significant impact and making my nose bleed.”

She went on to explain:

“He subjected me to mental, emotional, and physical abuse. He constantly compared me to Cassie, emphasizing that I was the one in the wrong while portraying her as the virtuous one.”

Gina Huynh additionally leveled accusations against Diddy, alleging that he had “stomped” on her during their encounters. She further disclosed that Diddy would become particularly enraged whenever she engaged in flirtatious interactions with other entertainers, including Meek Mill.

According to Gina, Diddy had compelled her to undergo abortions on two separate occasions in the past, emphasizing the coercive nature of these experiences.

Frequently Asked Question

1. What happened with Yung Miami and P Diddy?

Though the rappers’ romance was often a source of buzz for fans (the pair said repeatedly that they were dating, but not in an exclusive relationship), Miami, 29, confirmed in a new interview that they are no longer together. “We’re still friends! We’re still good friends!” she told The Cut. “But we’re single”

2. Who had a baby with Diddy?

Following the birth of his baby girl named Love Sean Combs with cybersecurity specialist Dana Tran in October, the “Making the Band” alum decided to share his love story on Instagram.

3. Did P Diddy and Yung Miami date?

In an interview with The Cut, Yung Miami candidly disclosed her relationship status with Diddy, stating, “No,” when questioned about their current status as a couple. However, despite the breakup, Miami emphasized that they maintain a friendship and continue to stay in touch.


Gina Huynh, the current partner of music mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs, has revealed her pregnancy with him, signaling a positive shift in their relationship.

Despite previous allegations of abuse against Diddy, Gina has confirmed their veracity while believing in his transformation.

In the face of skepticism, she questions why Diddy would maintain a connection if she had fabricated the accusations.

Gina emphasizes the potential for forgiveness, personal growth, and the right to live life on her own terms. Alongside accounts of physical, emotional, and mental abuse, she further discloses instances of Diddy’s aggressive behavior, including comparisons and coercive actions.

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