DIDDY SMALLS’ Diddy Gained 60 Lbs This Summer…Now Close To 300 POUNDS!(Pics)

‘DIDDY SMALLS’ Diddy Gained 60 Lbs This Summer…Now Close To 300 POUNDS!(Pics)

Over the past month or so, Sean “Diddy” Combs has noticeably put on weight, a testament to his indulgent lifestyle.

The billionaire hip-hop mogul has been thoroughly enjoying himself for the past three months, and the physical changes are evident.

According to a report by Media Take Out, Diddy has been cruising the Mediterranean Sea on his luxurious $100 million yacht, which is equipped with every imaginable luxury.

DIDDY SMALLS’ Diddy Gained 60 Lbs This Summer…Now Close To 300 POUNDS!(Pics)

The yacht boasts an extensive collection of liquor, with a predominant presence of his own brand, Ciroc. Additionally, there is a full kitchen staff onboard to cater to Diddy’s and his guests’ extravagant culinary desires.

It appears that Diddy has been engaging in excessive indulgence lately. According to reports from Media Take Out, the billionaire has gained approximately 60 pounds.

Just six months ago, he weighed slightly over 200 pounds, but now he is approaching the 300-pound mark.

Fans of Diddy observe his weight:

DIDDY SMALLS’ Diddy Gained 60 Lbs This Summer…Now Close To 300 POUNDS!(Pics)
Source: mediatakeout

Fans of Diddy have been quick to observe his noticeable weight gain, leading to some referring to him as “Diddy Smalls” on Twitter, in reference to his late friend, rapper Biggie Smalls.

There is even photographic evidence to support this claim. Screenshots from Ciroc vodka’s recent commercial show Diddy at a weight close to 200 pounds, highlighting the contrast with his current appearance.

We managed to acquire screenshots from last night’s event, where Diddy joined Yung Miami on stage to show his support during her Jacksonville, Florida performance.

The images clearly reveal that Diddy has undergone a significant transformation and now possesses a notably larger physique. He has indeed become a big presence on stage.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.Did diddy have to pay sting?

$2,000 per day for the “rest of his life” as compensation for the unit According to a 2018 interview with Sting on The Breakfast Club, it was confirmed that Diddy did not obtain permission to sample his song. As a result, Diddy is obligated to pay Sting horized use of the sample.

2.What is Diddy called now?

Born on November 4, 1969, Sean Love Combs, professionally known by his stage names Puff Daddy, P. Diddy, or Diddy, is a multifaceted American rapper, actor, record producer, and record executive.


Sean “Diddy” Combs, the billionaire hip-hop mogul, has been indulging in a lavish lifestyle, resulting in a noticeable weight gain over the past month.

Reports from Media Take Out indicate that Diddy has added approximately 60 pounds to his frame, bringing him close to the 300-pound mark from his previous weight of just over 200 pounds six months ago.

Fans have taken notice of his physical transformation, even dubbing him “Diddy Smalls” on Twitter, reminiscent of his late friend and rapper Biggie Smalls.

Supporting evidence includes screenshots from a recent Ciroc vodka commercial, showing Diddy at a weight around 200 pounds.

At a recent event in Jacksonville, Florida, Diddy joined Yung Miami on stage, displaying his significantly larger physique and solidifying his commanding presence.

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