D’angelo And Angie Stone’s Son Remakes Father’s Song … Black Twitter Roasts Him Because He’s Fat

D’angelo And Angie Stone’s Son Remakes Father’s Song … Black Twitter Roasts Him Because He’s Fat!!

According to Media Take Out, the R&B singer D’Angelo and soul sensation Angie Stone, who were a popular couple in the 2000s, welcomed a son together.

Fast forward to the present day, their son, now grown and known as Swayvo Twain, is making his mark in the music industry as a solo artist. Recent reports suggest that his music is receiving positive feedback, and listeners are impressed with his talent.

Son’s Remake Sparks Controversy

Swayvio successfully persuaded both his mom and dad to collaborate with him on his latest single. In this track, Swayvio takes on the task of remaking one of his parents’ most iconic and beloved songs, “Sh** Damn M****f**ker.” Angie took the opportunity to explain the significance and inspiration behind this remake.

The song itself is quite impressive and offers a unique perspective on his parents’ music. Swayvio’s creative approach has resulted in an intriguing and enjoyable rendition of his mom and dad’s iconic tracks.

Despite the song’s good quality, Black Twitter did not respond positively to the remake. Instead of congratulating the young artist on creating a great-sounding track, some individuals on social media engaged in fat-shaming him.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is The Mother Of Swayvo Twain?

Swayvo Twain, Angie Stone’s son, has been pursuing his music career. He recently released “TwainFlow” and discussed revamping his father’s track “Brown Sugar” in a Rolling Out interview.

How Old Was Angie Stone When She Dated D Angelo?

Angie Stone was 31 years old when she began dating D’Angelo, who was only 19 at the time.

Who Is Angie Stone’s Baby Daddy?

A son named Michael D’Angelo Archer II was born in 1998 as a result of Angie Stone’s relationship with neo soul artist D’Angelo throughout the 1990s. Michael and Diamond are presently living with her in Atlanta, Georgia.

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Swayvo Twain, the son of R&B singer D’Angelo and soul sensation Angie Stone, has entered the music industry as a solo artist, receiving positive feedback for his talent.

Recently, Swayvo collaborated with his parents on a remake of one of their iconic songs, showcasing his creative approach to their music.

Although the song was impressive, it faced criticism on Black Twitter, with some individuals engaging in fat-shaming. Despite this, Swayvo’s emergence as a promising artist marks a significant step in his musical journey.

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