Chrisean Rock To Blueface: I Can’t Believe You Are Still Here Upset With Me!!

Chrisean Rock To Blueface: I Can’t Believe You Are Still Here Upset With Me!!

Chrisean Rock publicly addressed her ex-partner, Blueface, expressing her concerns about him crossing boundaries in their personal disputes.

Over the past few months, Chrisean and Blueface have engaged in heated confrontations both online and in public. While announcing her pregnancy, Chrisean experienced a distressing incident where she was struck by a vase.

Additionally, she has been accused of attempting to set fire to Blueface’s residence. Given these events, one wonders if Blueface has decided to permanently distance himself from the situation.

On her Instagram Story, Chrisean Rock expressed her human vulnerability, acknowledging that anger can sometimes lead to saying things that may not reflect her true feelings.

Despite their disagreements and inability to find common ground, she expressed gratitude for the positive impact Blueface has had on her life.

Chrisean Rock To Blueface
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Chrisean expressed surprise that he still harbors resentment towards her, stating that her words were taken out of context, leading to an unnecessary escalation to the point of becoming enemies.

She emphasized that their issues should have been addressed privately, but unfortunately, that didn’t happen. It seems that Blueface has reconciled with his child’s mother, Jaidyn. However, he has not responded to the situation or made any public statements regarding their reunion.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Does Chrisean Rock have kids?

Jonathan Jamall Porter, known by his stage name Blueface, is the proud father of a son named Javaughn, who is currently five years old. Javaughn is from a previous relationship of the rapper’s.

2. What does ChriseanRock do to Blueface?

After Saffold expressed her disapproval, she stated that she would never forgive Rock. Blueface shared a video where Chrisean mentioned that circumstances had reached a stage where his family’s actions left her feeling compelled to resort to violence. Despite the situation, Saffold encouraged them to continue their discussion.

3. Why did Blueface and ChriseanRock go to jail?

Blueface has retaliated in response to Chrisean Rock labeling him as “the Devil” following his recent arrest in connection with a robbery. The rapper addressed the accusation made by Rock and offered his own perspective on the matter.


In the midst of ongoing public and online confrontations, Chrisean Rock has voiced her concerns about the boundaries being crossed in her relationship with Blueface.

The couple has been engaged in heated disputes for several months, with Chrisean experiencing a disturbing incident of being struck by a vase while announcing her pregnancy. There have also been allegations of her attempting to set fire to Blueface’s residence.

Despite these challenges, Chrisean acknowledged her vulnerability and expressed gratitude for the positive impact Blueface has had on her life. She was surprised by his lingering resentment and stressed the importance of addressing their issues privately.

Meanwhile, it appears that Blueface has reunited with Jaidyn, their child’s mother, although he has remained silent on the matter.

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