Chrisean Rock Gets Three CROSS Tattoos On Face … One For Each ABORTION SHE HAD By Blueface!!

Chrisean Rock Gets Three CROSS Tattoos On Face … One For Each ABORTION SHE HAD By Blueface!!

Reality TV personality Chrisean Rock recently acquired three fresh facial tattoos, revealing a personal journey she shared exclusively with Media Take Out.

Each of these tattoos represents a significant chapter in her life, symbolizing the three abortions she underwent during her past relationship with rapper Blueface.

Chrisean Rock, an individual known for both her beauty and inner struggles, recently made an appearance on a podcast where she bravely shared a deeply personal experience. She opened up about her past, revealing that she had gone through three abortions.

As a poignant tribute to those lost lives, Chrisean now adorns her body with three crosses, symbolizing the impact those unborn babies had on her. Take a look at her heartfelt display.

Chrisean Rock’s romantic life with Blueface:

Chrisean Rock’s romantic involvement with Blueface has stirred discontent within her family. In an Instagram outburst, her younger brother expressed his dissatisfaction towards both Chrisean and her boyfriend, focusing on their financial situation.

Chrisean Rock's romantic life with Blueface
source: hiphopdx

He began by asserting, “You two are the least affluent celebrities in Hollywood, yet you seem to be the most popular right now. It frustrates me that you’re not capitalizing on this popularity to generate income.”

Continuing his critique, Chrisean’s brother targeted her specifically, refuting her claims of providing financial support to their family. He exclaimed, “I am the one taking care of everyone. You contribute nothing.

You lack empathy and fail to do anything for anyone. When Mom wanted to return home, I covered the cost of her flight. I’m upset because you’re financially struggling.

message of Karlissa, on Christmas:

Chrisean, for now, has chosen not to address her brother’s assertions. Nonetheless, this recent occurrence adds to the list of events that have brought the Zeus star into the spotlight during the holiday season.

message of Karlissa, on Christmas
source: newsweek

Blueface’s mother, Karlissa, took it upon herself to write a heartfelt message on Christmas, assuming the perspective of Chrisean, as Blueface spent the holiday with his ex-partner and their child.

In her note, Karlissa acknowledged the challenging position Chrisean finds herself in, having experienced similar circumstances. She emphasized the significance of not separating individuals from their families, particularly if one holds a deep love for God.

Regardless of the difficulties encountered, Karlissa wanted Chrisean to understand that she had personally attempted such a path without success.

She conveyed her love and support, even if Chrisean may perceive otherwise, and encouraged her to maintain her focus. Karlissa concluded the message by expressing her unwavering belief in Chrisean’s abilities and growth as an individual.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How many tattoos does Chrisean Rock have of Blueface?

In addition to the six existing Blueface-related tattoos adorning her body, the rapper Chrisean took her dedication a step further by getting his face inked on her neck.

2. What did Chrisean Rock tattoo on the side of her head?

Chrisean decided to embellish her appearance with a new tattoo that holds significant symbolism. Positioned on the side of her face, she opted for three crosses, potentially representing the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Additionally, she had another meaningful element inked into her hand, further enhancing the overall significance of her tattoo choices.


Chrisean Rock’s facial tattoos, representing her past abortions, reflect her personal journey and the impact those experiences have had on her. Amidst family tensions and financial concerns raised by her brother, Chrisean has chosen not to respond, focusing on her own path.

In a heartfelt Christmas message, Blueface’s mother, Karlissa, offered understanding, love, and encouragement to Chrisean, emphasizing the importance of family and faith in navigating challenging situations.

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