Black Twitter Is Heating Up W/ Rumors That Malia Obama Is Expecting A Child . . . With Rapper Future!

Black Twitter Is Heating Up W/ Rumors That Malia Obama Is Expecting A Child . . . With Rapper Future!

A wild rumor has been circulating on Twitter, alleging that Malia, the daughter of Barack Obama, is pregnant and expecting a child with rapper Future.

However, it’s important to remember that social media can sometimes spread unfounded speculation, and as of now, there is no credible evidence or official confirmation to support these claims.

Due to an overwhelming influx of inquiries from our readers, Media Take Out decided to conduct some research and investigate the validity of this rumor.

No Evidence Of Malia’s Pregnancy

In summary, after thorough investigation, we can confidently state that there is no concrete evidence supporting the online report, and there is no reason to lend credibility to it.

During our research, we reached out to individuals acquainted with Malia Obama and also those close to Future, inquiring about any potential connection between the two.

According to information provided by Future’s friend to Media Take Out, there is doubt that the two have ever crossed paths. The friend clarified, “Malia Obama is not Future’s type.”

Furthermore, in our conversations with Malia’s friends, they disclosed that she is in a relationship, but it is not with Future, and they believe that the two individuals are not acquainted with each other at all.

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Malia Dating Dawit Eklund In Nyc

Malia Dating Dawit Eklund In Nyc
source: pagesix

Malia is currently romantically involved with Ethiopian record producer Dawit Eklund. As per reports obtained by Media Take Out, the couple was spotted in New York City on a Monday, just one month after they were seen spending time together in LA.

During their recent outing, the 24-year-old former first daughter and the 33-year-old record producer were observed leisurely walking around Manhattan’s Soho neighborhood before heading to Chinatown for a lunch date.

To clarify, there is no indication of Malia being pregnant, as observed by Media Take Out.

Despite the evidence refuting the rumor, some individuals on Black Twitter remain steadfast in their belief that the claim holds true.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Sasha And Malia Obama Doing Now?

Sasha and Malia now reside together in Los Angeles, moving out of their parents’ home. Michelle shared their decision in November 2022.

Does Malia Obama Have A Degree?

As per Harvard’s official website, Obama pursued a major in Visual and Environmental Studies during her undergraduate years. This academic path sparked her passion for filmmaking, ultimately leading to her graduation from Harvard in 2021.

What Show Does Malia Obama Work On?

Barack Obama reveals that he watched his daughter Malia’s work on ‘Swarm,’ including the “disturbing” parts. Malia served as a writer for the Prime Video series, which debuted in March.


In conclusion, Media Take Out’s investigation into the Twitter rumor about Malia Obama being pregnant with rapper Future’s child revealed no credible evidence to support the claim.

The rumor is likely a result of unfounded speculation on social media. Our inquiries with sources connected to Malia and Future indicated that there is no known relationship between them.

Instead, Malia is currently in a relationship with Ethiopian record producer Dawit Eklund. Despite the lack of evidence, some individuals on Black Twitter continue to hold onto the belief that the rumor is true. However, without concrete proof, it remains a baseless assertion.

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