Amber Rose’s Baby Daddy Is Now Dating 76 Yr Old Legendary Icon Cher! (He’s After Her $$$)

Amber Rose’s Baby Daddy Is Now Dating 76 Yr Old Legendary Icon Cher! (He’s After Her $$$)

Amber Rose’s baby’s father, Alexander “AE” Edwards, is in a relationship with the iconic pop legend Cher, who happens to be 76 years old.

Cher And Edwards’ Romantic Outing

According to a confirmation by Media Take Out, on Wednesday, November 2, the 76-year-old Moonstruck star and the 36-year-old music producer were spotted together at a popular West Hollywood restaurant.

They were seen walking hand-in-hand, both wearing smiles of happiness as they enjoyed each other’s company.

Both individuals were elegantly dressed in all-black outfits. Cher looked stunning in a cut-out leather top beneath an open black blazer, paired with matching dark pants. As for Edwards, he wore a long, leather button-down and a knee-length peacoat.

Throughout the outing, he couldn’t contain his happiness and had a wide grin on his face as he held hands with the legendary musician. Once they were in the car, Edwards even affectionately kissed her hand before they departed.

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Cher And Edwards’ Night Out

Cher And Edwards' Night Out
source: USweekly

At Craig’s, the duo was accompanied by their friend Tyga for the evening. Although an unexpected trio, it appears that Cher and the 32-year-old “Stimulated” rapper had previously spent time together at Paris Fashion Week in September as well.

Yesterday, the paparazzi captured the pair exiting a Los Angeles nightclub, as reported by Media Take Out. They were seen heading back to Cher’s luxurious Malibu mansion together.

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Frequently Asked Question

Who Is The Father Of Amber Rose’s Baby?

As per TMZ, Cher, 76, and Alexander Edwards, 37, Amber Rose’s baby daddy, ended their relationship a few weeks ago after dating for a while. Cher seems unfazed by the breakup and is all about having fun and living life to the fullest.

How Old Is Alexander Edwards Cher?

Despite the 40-year age gap between them, with Edwards being 36 and Cher being 76, the Grammy winner remains unfazed by the age difference between the two of them.

Is Cher In A Relationship Now?

Cher is dating Alexander “AE” Edwards, 40 years her junior, after meeting at Paris Fashion Week in fall 2022.


Amber Rose’s baby’s father, Alexander “AE” Edwards, has entered into a relationship with the legendary pop icon Cher, who is 76 years old. On November 2nd, they were seen at a popular West Hollywood restaurant, joyfully strolling hand-in-hand.

Both Cher and Edwards were dressed stylishly in all-black ensembles, with Edwards wearing a captivating smile throughout the outing. Later, they were joined by Tyga at Craig’s, indicating an unexpected but friendly trio.

The paparazzi also caught them leaving a Los Angeles nightclub and heading back to Cher’s lavish Malibu mansion, adding fuel to the ongoing speculation about their blossoming romance.

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