42 Yr Old R&B Singer Ashanti Dating Joyner Lucas

42 Yr Old R&B Singer Ashanti Dating Joyner Lucas, 34, & Trying To HAVE HIS BABY!! (Receipts)

Ashanti, the R&B singer, has reportedly found a romantic partner. According to two different entertainment insiders who spoke with Media Take Out, 42 Yr Old R&B Singer Ashanti Dating Joyner Lucas the stunning vocalist from the 2000s is currently in a relationship with fellow R&B artist Joyner Lucas.

Reportedly, Ashanti expressed her desire to have a child with the singer, as early as next year. She shared this information with a fan last month, saying the following:


According to an insider, Ashanti and Joyner’s romantic connection began during their collaboration on the song “Fall Slowly (Evolution)” by Joyner Lucas, which featured Ashanti’s vocals.

The music video for the song featured the two artists passionately kissing and embracing, leading fans to speculate about the possibility of a real-life romance between them.

Although Ashanti and Joyner never officially confirmed their relationship, they also did not deny it.

There is further evidence to support the claim that the two were dating. Joyner’s mother began following Ashanti on Instagram and frequently commented and liked her posts. Additionally, Ashanti heavily promoted Joyner’s music app, Tully.


We have additional information regarding this situation. 42 Yr Old R&B Singer Ashanti Dating Joyner Lucas During an interview with The Breakfast Club last year, Ashanti hinted at her relationship with Joyner, suggesting that they were dating. However, the following information we received is considered “alleged.”

Recently, Ashanti has been hinting at trouble in her relationship with Joyner. She released a new single and music video titled “Falling For You,” which is about moving on from a guy who plays games.

The video features a look-alike of Joyner Lucas, and in the storyline, Ashanti discovers on his phone that he has impregnated someone else.

There are rumors that Joyner got his previous partner pregnant last year.

This raises the question of whether Ashanti was involved with Joyner at the time of his ex’s pregnancy.

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