21 Savage Is MARRIED

21 Savage Is MARRIED … Cant Leave His Wife For Rapper Latto … Until He Gets His Green Card

21 Savage stated publicly yesterday that he is NOT dating female rapper Latto, and he has GOOD REASON to do so.


That’s because Media Take Out has confirmed that 21 is MARRIED to his baby’s mother. Furthermore, the rapper is currently working with an immigration lawyer to obtain his green card.

According to Media Take Out, 21 Savage was born in the United Kingdom and does not yet have completely approved immigration status in the United States. However, the rapper married his baby’s mother last year, and the two are working with lawyers to obtain 21’s green card.

If your spouse is a US citizen and you currently reside in the US, it takes an average of 12-22 months to obtain a marriage-based green card under US law.


According to Media Take Out, even if he WAS dating Latto, he couldn’t discuss it publicly since it could jeopardize his visa status.

Fans of hip hop superstar 21 Savage and Latto are so convinced they’re dating that they don’t even bother looking through the rappers’ Instagram stories – but 21 insists he’s not dating anyone prominent.

During a Clubhouse talk, the Savage Gang chief was enraged and categorically denied having a “celebrity girlfriend.” His remark comes amid widespread speculation that the Her Loss creator is dating Grammy-nominated rapper Latto.

“I’m not into all the antics and nonsense.” “I don’t have a celebrity girlfriend,” he stated. “I’m not going to be everywhere. I’m not releasing music every two weeks. I’m not going to [Instagram] Live every other week to talk about niggas.”

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