what is media take out:

In 2006, mediatakeout was established and rapidly gained popularity as the leading online platform for news related to African Americans. It is widely recognized as the primary source of information on celebrity, entertainment, and other topics of general interest, with a particular emphasis on African American culture.

Our audience has been expanding at an extraordinary rate, frequently setting new records in terms of website traffic. As of now, we have become the number one news source for African Americans on the internet. In 2021, our articles were read by 92% of African Americans residing in the United States.

Media Take Out is the only media organization besides Facebook and Google that has a wider reach among the Black community.

The reason for the great success of mediatakeout News is attributed to its editorial content’s ability to emotionally connect with the audience’s interests and needs via African American culture. mediatakeout News does not only cover the latest news; it also connects with readers’ experiences by incorporating the celebrity viewpoint.

Moreover, the website’s thorough coverage of important news stories of relevance to the Black community has made mediatakeout News a reputable source for prominent publications like The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, CNN, and MSNBC.